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Spatializer error with new projects

Honored Guest
When I import Oculus Integration and then import Oculus via XR Management in a new 2020.2 project I get the following error:

GUID [a57801270cf689244b48012cf9db1713] for asset 'Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus/Runtime/Android/arm64/' conflicts with:
  'Assets/Oculus/Spatializer/Plugins/Android/libs/arm64-v8a/' (current owner)
We can't assign a new GUID because the asset is in an immutable folder. The asset will be ignored.

Think this is a bug that needs to be solved, so we don't have to pick one of the files and delete the other. 

Honored Guest
Yeah, I'm also having this issue. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug.

Honored Guest
any news about this?

Same problem here.

Honored Guest

This is an issue with 2019.4.18f1 as well. 

Honored Guest

Guys i had the same problem but with photon and SDK. Some bugged things need some times reinstall 

Honored Guest

I had the same issue in 2020.1.17f1. I installed the oculus integration then installed Oculus via XR plugin management. I deleted the Oculus folder within Assets and then reinstalled Oculus Integration via package manager and all is fixed. Hope that helps. 

Great idea - I tried to action it but I got an error message "Some assets could not be deleted. Make sure nothing is keeping a hook on them, like a loaded DLL for example". I hadn't built anything into the scene yet and had minimal interaction (I installed XR Plugin management, deleted Vulkan drivers [live short and prosper], and nothing more that I remember). Creating a new scene and deleting the old Sample Scene didn't allow me to delete the folder. I'm using