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Split Theory - Share this with your bosses bosses you dumb **bleep**s, don´t invi my **bleep**!!!

Honored Guest

This one is for us. Delete your fake ass VR campaign, take a hit publicly, and tell people you want to re-imagine it, and make an honest VR solution. Make a 4D environment, that starts empty at real world scale, then combine it with an app that has a dual screen, where players can see their mobile using friends as a GPS point in game camera as a panorama shot, (in collaboration with Snapchat filter technology make it real time placement, by using the effects of Flashlight from Microsoft VR). so the real world displayed right in front of the VR user is a fluid delivery. A world being painted real time by mobile users frozen to be woken up by all other users, then from there you can sell the BS you made or think is better than my idea that I freely share!
You need to respect Sanskrit teachings to understand sound and data production from your mind, if you want respect in the games protection.
Then in you is a safe place to incorporate every other human slave bound to this earth.
Become a teacher for the young with your vision, and see the fruit from your first invention become a tree.

**bleep** You All, script Love from Denmark, our shooters are the best in the game world wide! KGB-CIA BABY!