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Stage tracking space in Link Mode



I'm developing a PC VR app with the Oculus integration for Unity. In this app, the virtual space should should align to the physical space.


The documentation states that one should use the "stage tracking space" when creating apps like this to keep the view re-centering function from messing with the alignment.


On the OVRManager, I've set "TrackingOriginType" to "Stage" and disabled the "AllowRecenter" option.

In an Android build, it seems to have the effect which is described in the documentation. But in the Editor or in a Desktop build with the Quest2 in Link mode, the view/alignment still resets when re-centering manually or after the headset was taken off for a few seconds.


Are those options only supported on Android Quest builds or am I missing something?

Would there be an alternative way to keep the virtual world aligned with the physical one?


Honored Guest

You should take a look at the documentation for the new oculus scene api and use spatial anchors to better match physical space :

Thanks! I've looked into it, but as far as I understand, those features only work on the Quest itself and not in PC-VR with the Quest in Link-Mode. Or if they work you'd need the "stage" tracking space mode to keep the tracking space aligned, which does not seem functional when in PC-VR.