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Struggling with Capsense/Multimodal


Hi all,

I thought it should be an easy task to recreate the multimodal functionality as it is working in the new Home environment since it offers a lot of cool interaction possibilities. However, I am not able to switch to an artificial Hand Model with predefined animations using the provided information of: and

What I get is a runtime tracked hand with poor visibility when grabbing the controller that basically works but due to the different tracking speeds looks wobbly and weird. How can I manage to switch to the pre-animated Hand model that sticks solid to the controller like in the native Home environment?

I am pretty sure that it can´t be difficult....


Any help is much apprechiated!


Thanks in advance




[Unity 2022.3.20f1]
[Meta All-In-One SDK v62]



Short update, the problem starts when trying to use capsense, where as soon as you touch the controllers the Hand model dissapears, no matter what is chosen in the Show State field. I ran another test, using the deprecated Oculus Integration where they´ve prepared an example scene called: ControllerDrivenHandPoses. This results in the same behaviour without changing a thing in the settings, the hands dissapear and only the controller is rendered...Capsense provides logical hand poses when using controllers. It uses tracked controller data to provide a standard set of hand animations and poses for supported Oculus controllers.

Is simply not working for me. What is working with the updated SDK is simultaneous Hand and Controller tracking but with the mentioned lag between controller and hand-tracking.


I'm experiencing the same issue the Capsense doesn't seem to actually do anything.

Hi, in the meantime I figured out that this is only a problem when running in playmode over link. In a build, capsense works....but multimodel not...well done Meta.

Honored Guest

Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to use capsense and have the same problem - hands disappear as soon as the controller is touched. I've got hand prefabs in the right place according to the docs, but that doesn't help. I get the same results using Link or in a build.