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Swipe on Oculus GO Touchpad triggers UI clicks when it shouldn't

Honored Guest

Using: Unity 2018.4.1 LTS & Oculus GO

I am using a gaze pointer to interact with Unity UI.

This is supposed to happen when you pull the trigger, exactly how I defined it in my script: a swipe left or right on the touchpad of the go-controller however triggers clicks as well. I did not define this myself, it's just a thing that happens and I can not figure out how to work around it.

I found and fiddled around with solutions proposed in this thread and this thread.

However, none of these solutions provided me a way to get rid of these swipe clicks while keeping alive index trigger clicks.

My Input Manager (Index Trigger Interaction with UI seems to happen in OVRInputModule):

private void Update()

if (OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.PrimaryTouchpad) || OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.Two))


if (OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.PrimaryIndexTrigger))


IEnumerator TouchpadCounter()
int secondsForCounting = 2;
float startTime = Time.time;
int touchCount = 0;

while (Time.time - startTime <= secondsForCounting && OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Button.PrimaryIndexTrigger))
if (OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.PrimaryTouchpad))
Debug.Log("touchCount for Admin Menue: " + touchCount);

if (touchCount >= 3)

yield return null;

yield return null;

Part of the OVRInputModule (I don't know if its the right part):

        /// <summary>
/// Get state of button corresponding to gaze pointer
/// </summary>
/// <returns></returns>
virtual protected PointerEventData.FramePressState GetGazeButtonState()
var pressed = Input.GetKeyDown(gazeClickKey) || OVRInput.GetDown(joyPadClickButton);
var released = Input.GetKeyUp(gazeClickKey) || OVRInput.GetUp(joyPadClickButton);

// On Gear VR the mouse button events correspond to touch pad events. We only use these as gaze pointer clicks
// on Gear VR because on PC the mouse clicks are used for actual mouse pointer interactions.
pressed |= Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0);
released |= Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0);

if (pressed && released)
return PointerEventData.FramePressState.PressedAndReleased;
if (pressed)
return PointerEventData.FramePressState.Pressed;
if (released)
return PointerEventData.FramePressState.Released;
return PointerEventData.FramePressState.NotChanged;

Messing with the Android if condition just enables or disables clicking as a whole (trigger and touchpad). What am I missing here? How can I seperate between a trigger click and a touchpad swipe?!