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Synthetic hands when using OVR controllers with Oculus Interaction SDK have mismatched mapping

Level 2
Hi guys,
I have built a small game for the Quest 2 using the Oculus Interaction SDK to pick up items. I am using the OculusInteractionRig provided in the SDK samples to allow users to either use hand-tracking or controllers, and both appear as hands in the game. However, the mapping from the controllers to the synthetic hands seem to be off. An example: when I press the pointer finger trigger on the controller, the middle/ring/pinky fingers extend, instead of the expected behavior of the pointer finger bending in.
I am going nuts trying to solve this. This problem persists in the Oculus sample scenes as well as when I start a fresh project. It happens whether I run the game with Oculus Link or whether I build it for android and upload it to the Quest 2. Has anyone had this issue?
Thanks for the help!!
Unity 2020.3.34f1
Oculus Integration: 40.0
Oculus XR Plugin: 1.12.0

Level 3

hey! I am facing the same problem.

Would you have some new ideas to solve?