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Teleport Locomotion with only NavMesh

Level 5
I'm trying to use the TeleportTargetHandlerNavMesh component from the Locomotion example in order to allow teleporting only to valid points on the NavMesh. I have a NavMesh generated, but the targeting still only seems to want to work against colliders, not the NavMesh.

Do I have to have colliders on everything for this targeting script to work, or is there a way to get it to work only using the NavMesh?


Level 2
Hi @Schneider21 did you ever figure this out? I cant find anything about it 

Level 5
Unfortunately, @DondenBoef, I had so many issues getting the Oculus integration's setups working, I ended up going with my own, more basic controller. It doesn't interact with the Nav Mesh at all, it won't do fade-to-black when intersecting geometry, and it's about as basic as can be in most senses. But at least it doesn't launch me across the map or drop me through the ground every other movement.

That was quite a while back, and I've not been doing any VR work since about October, since I was mostly looking into it for work-related things, and we don't presently have any projects that require it. If I end up coming back to it and figure this issue out, though, I'll absolutely post a solution here.