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Testing without wearing headset?

Level 2

Hi, I have a quest 2 headset and I'm learning to make a vr project in unity, but every time I make a change and want to test it I have to

* put on the headset

* and set up guardian boundaries again because it lost the guardian

* and go back into oculus link

* then take off the headset to click on the play button in unity

* then put the headset back on

* and then when I use Debug.Log to print debug messages to help me test and debug I have to take the headset off again to see the log messages in unity.


Is it possible to do a large portion of my development and testing without putting the headset on my head, just having it connected?


Does every developer who is developing vr projects have the same issue? Has anyone figured workarounds for these issues? I can't imagine I'm the only person this is an issue for, or am I doing it wrong?


thank you!


Level 2


You can just turn off proximity sensing in the Oculus Developer Hub app.