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Thoughts/ Experience and advice on best setup for a new commercial release for Quest.

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We are beginning production on a commercial title for the Quest and I am looking for the general consensus on what other developers think is the best setup to go for.
Our current options seem to be - 

- A 2019 LTS Unity using Oculus Integration package
- 2020 Unity using Unity XR Plugin 

We are required to have hand tracking support, and from what I have read Unity XR Plugin doesn't currently support this. I have experience in the now deprecated Oculus Integration package and Unity XR looks like it could be a great solution for us, but it is also in preview and missing features we might/do need. With the Unity XR plugin how do we get access to Avatars, play space info etc

I'm looking for some thoughts on what experience people have had, I dont know of any commercial releases with Unity's XR plugin yet!