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Two Grab Rotatation Transformer bug with Movement


I was testing some driving with a Steering Wheel with the Two Grab Rotation Transformer and I've notice when the vehicle is moving/rotating the hand tends to move in that direcction making an offset between the virtual hands and the hands in the real world.
In the video attached im not moving my hands but you can see the steering wheel is moving with my hands. This doesn't happend if the vehicle is not moving, so maybe is some problem with the hands "inertia" trying to stay at the previous spot causing it to "turn" around the steering wheel? (Just guessing).
Video with the bug:


Honored Guest

I also encountered this problem, it looks like some global/local axis and child object hierarchy problems with the ".. Oculus Grab Rotate Transformer .." scripts, like the rotation and speed of the parent vehicle transform affecting the child steering wheel transform. Have you found any solution or progress with this issue?