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Unity 2020.3 not recognising Quest 3


Currently 2020.3 recognises Quest 3 as Quest Pro.  Is there a way to fix this?





We're also interested in this (Unity 2021.3)

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Also having this issue. 

For anyone at Meta reading this, the specifics are that Unity.XR.Oculus.Utils.GetSystemHeadsetType() returns Meta_Quest_Pro (aka Placeholder_10)

Also reading the available refresh rates on the quest 3 returns 72, 80 and 90, despite the 120hz option being turned on in the headset.

This happens with both Unity.XR.Oculus.Performance.TryGetAvailableDisplayRefreshRates and OVRPlugin.systemDisplayFrequenciesAvailable



I'll add that I've observed this in 2021.3.24 -> 35

It's my current understanding that because these calls ultimately go to the OVRPlugin running on the quest, this is not a Unity issue. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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We are also having this issue on Unity 2021.3.24 -> 35.
That said it's my understanding that the relevant info is being provided by a plugin running on the headset, and therefore isn't under control of Unity? 
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
If anyone from Meta is reading this, here are some specifics.
When running a Quest 3 build:
- Unity.XR.Oculus.Utils.GetSystemHeadsetType() returns Meta_Quest_Pro (aka Placeholder_10)
- Unity.XR.Oculus.Performance.TryGetAvailableDisplayRefreshRates() returns 72, 80, 90 (on a headset that has 120hz enabled)
- OVRPlugin.systemDisplayFrequenciesAvailable returns 72, 72, 80, 80, 90, 90 (on a headset that has 120hz enabled)
We are running:
Unity 2021.3.35
XR Plugin Management 4.4.0
OculusXR Plugin 3.3.0
Meta Unity Plugin 0.59
I am not certain, but I wonder if this related to the fact Quest 3 isn't added to the manifest.
There isn't the option to add it in the OculusXR plugin management screen, and I haven't spent the time to figure out how to add it manually (as well as WHAT to add).
If our app wasn't selling 5% of what it does on the other two storefronts, we'd give it more time.