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Unity 3.5.7 Integration here!

Hey guys,

It's Pete over at Oculus. A lot of people have been asking about Unity 3.5 support (our official Unity integration is for Unity 4), so I took some time over the weekend to put together an unofficial Unity 3.5 integration package using Unity 3.5.7. Note that this is an unofficial integration sample, but it should let all the Unity 3.5 users get started with the Rift!

There is very little difference in what is offered in the full core Unity 4.x integration. The main change is that we had to remove the Tuscany level because of changes that would have needed to be made to prefabs, materials, scenes (they would have needed to be re-created in Unity 3 because they cannot be brought in from 4).

The primary changes for Unity 3.5.7 vs. Unity 4:

- Removed all references to MSAA rendering (not available in Unity 3.X) in OVRCamera.cs
- Recreated prefabs for OVRPlayerController and OVRCameraController
- Removed Tuscany scene and level, added a quick test level in Unity3.5.7_TestScene unity package
- Removed collision with geometry in OVRCrosshair.cs (Camera.main not resolving properly; collision functionality not required)

To see Tuscany, and to see how the integration works in a more complex scene, we suggest that you download the trial version of Unity 4 Pro and check it out. Then, use the 3.5.7 package we provide and import it into your 3.5.7 project.

Thank you for your support, and we hope that you enjoy using Unity and the Rift to build amazing VR experiences!


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@jasonbelmonti: Are you using the free or pro version of Unity? I think you need the pro version. Also, maybe try re-downloading the zip. It's possible it got corrupted somehow.

@sunmade: Unfortunately this package has not been updated to the new SDK. We are only officially supporting Unity 4. This 3.5.7 integration was mostly just a one-off side-project, not something we plan on continuously maintaining. It might be possible to do the port yourself, but it's not really an easy thing. Sorry.

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thank you so much, I am a student and have access to oculus through researchers at college. I wouldn't have been able to do this due to no money shortfalls of a large scale, I had written it off. I am now learning how to use oculus and I can't thank you enough for this. Legend.

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Hi Pete

Please can you update this to include the OSX support now available with 0.3.2

Many thanks

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I don't believe we will be supporting 3.5.7 any longer (well, it was never "official" support to begin with). That said, you may be able to take a newer release and port it yourself to an older version of Unity. However, we can't really provide support for this.

what a pity, I was just feeding in my order for DK2 but unfortunately I own Unity 3.5.. this is a showstopper for me.

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Hi Peter. Thank you very much for your efforts. From where I can download the Integration for 3.5.7 ? I cant find a link anywhere.

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Cherubino said:

Hi Peter. Thank you very much for your efforts. From where I can download the Integration for 3.5.7 ? I cant find a link anywhere.

It's attached to the original post. You'll be missing out on so much stuff, though! I would suggest upgrading your project to Unity 5 and using the personal edition, it will be worth it in the long run.

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