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Unity Documentation?

Honored Guest

Hey everyone! Hopefully this is an easy question. The Users, Friends, and Relationships page has some code snippets and tells you to go to this Platform Reference Content page for more information. However, that page sends you to the Native v63 Reference Guide, and everything is C code, not C#. (Header files, different names for functions, etc)

Does anyone have a link to the Unity documentation? I do not mean this page or any of the associated links - I've already scoured everything on that page. In particular, how did this guy get so much detailed information about the User data type, including all of the sub-properties?

So far I've been trying to make do by jumping between forum posts and snooping on other people's code, but I really want to have all this information available to me for my Unity C# project. Please help, I feel like I've lost my mind!