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Unity - Hand tracking disappear forever when adding OVRGrabber

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So I was trying to implement a grabber with the Hand tracking but i didnt know why my hands were disappearing at some point in the development. Then I realized that when i added the OVRGrabber to the hands, those disappear from the scene, but they are still there cause I can touch the Guardian system with my hands. So when I delete the OVRGrabber the hands were still invisible. Im sure that the OVRGrabber is causing this, cause i were compiling step by step to catch where the hands were disappearing.

Btw im using just the OVRCameraRig prefab, the HandsManager and the OVRHandPrefab.


EDIT: So i figured out that you can solve this problem deleting the OVRHandPrefab and grabbing it under the controller anchor again and it will fix... but i dont know why you cant put the OVRGrabber to the OVRHandPrefab...

Hi Shavier, I had the same problem with the following setup:
Oculus Quest v.1
Unity 2020.2.2f1
Oculus Integration v 23.0

Maybe you did find a solution, as this issue is old. But it appeared to me as well.

I fixed it by disabeling the Gravity of the RigidBody that comes along with the OVRGrabber.
After starting the simulation, the hands seemed visible again. Running the simulation one time,
I could enable Gravity again and it seemed stable.
(Strange BUG, but worked for me)
BTW: "IsKintematic"-Parameter of the RigidBody-Component schould be enabled as well.

Hope this helps.