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Unity Mixed Reality Project: Splash Screen Logo Only Partially Visible

Honored Guest

I'm working on a mixed reality (MR) project in Unity (version 2022.3.20f1) using Meta's SDK (version 62.0). In my project, I've set up the splash screen for my application by uploading my logo in the Camera Rig -> OVR Manager -> Quest Features -> Splash Screen section. I then configured the System Splash Screen Type to "Stereo" and set the System Splash Screen Background to "Passthrough" (although the logo never appeared in passthrough mode during any of my tests). For the first 20 trials, everything worked seamlessly. However, as of yesterday, the logo appears split in half (as if cut down the middle), and I cannot understand why this issue has arisen or how to resolve it. Moreover, I'm puzzled about why the logo never displayed in passthrough mode as expected. I've tried removing and re-adding the logo file from the Oculus folder and performing a clean build, but these steps haven't solved the issue. I would greatly appreciate any advice or solutions from the community, especially from those who might have encountered a similar problem. Thank you in advance for your help! (Note: I'm using the Unity Community Edition.)