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Unity - OVRPlayerController Issue

Level 4

Hi there! I'm new to Unity and VR development and having an issue with the OVRPlayerController. I have a door set up and if I'm not in the center of my play space, I snag the edge of the door frame and can't pass through. Also, if I'm at the very edge of my play space, and shift into a wall I got through it. Anyone have a good solution for this?


Thank you!


Level 4
Whats I think is happening is that the OVRCameraRig is moving with the HMD, but player controller (and all it's collisions) stay still. I've tried setting the position of the PlayerController to the localposition of the centerEyeAnchor in the CameraRig, and that gets the playercontroller following the HMD but causes other issues. Also doesn't seem efficient. This problem has been asked multiple times in the past couple of years and all the Questions are still unanswered.

Level 4
Thanks for your quick response! I was actually able to solve my positional problem by setting the charactercontroller component's center x and z to the centereyeanchors x and y position. Although now I notice that the rotation is still off. When I rotate left or right I get a merry-go-round effect, like it's pivoting around the play space. Any thoughts?

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Still having this issue too as of 2019.3.0f6.  Any resolution yet?