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Unity PCVR Visual Tearing:Oculus App Incompatibility with RTX 40 Series GPUs or Shortcomings of ASW?


Dear community members,

I'm reaching out for help with a visual tearing issue I've encountered in a PCVR application when streaming from a PC to my Oculus Quest Pro (same as Quest 3).

Issue Description:

I'm developing a digital twin of a factory environment using Unity 2021 (same as 2022) and the Oculus Interaction SDK. Upon upgrading to computers equipped with RTX 40 series cards, I started experiencing visual tearing issues. These issues are absent on lower-end systems with RTX 30 series cards even at very low frame rates.


Specific Symptoms:

In the scene, there are two cameras: a VR camera (CenterEyeAnchor) and a tracking camera, the Main Camera (which outputs high-definition images to a PC monitor), thereby doubling the rendering load.
The visual anomalies occur within the display screens of the VR headset.


Within a factory setting, there is a predominantly white floor texture and a green walkway on the ground. When the gaze lingers at the intersection between the green and the white, green spiky flickers appear to "grow" upwards from the boundary.


Visual tearing occurs when looking at areas with contrasting colors (green and white) in the scene, with green artifacts growing upwards from the bottom of the screen(floor).

Hardware Environment and Observations:

The issue is non-existent on lower-end setups, even with very low frame rates:

  • Lenovo Y9000P, CPU i9-12900H, GPU RTX 3070 Laptop
  • Dell, CPU i7-11800H, GPU RTX 3060 Laptop

On the following high-end setups, tearing was observed when frame rates hovered around 19 FPS. When the rendering load increased and frame rates fell to approximately 10 FPS, the visual anomalies disappeared:

  • Lenovo Y9000P, CPU i9-13900HX, GPU RTX 4060 Laptop
  • AlienWare, CPU i9-13900HX, GPU RTX 4080 Laptop
  • Custom PC, CPU i9-13900X, GPU RTX 4090

Additionally, all the high-end devices show the warning in the Oculus App: "computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications."

4080 not match minimum specifications4080 not match minimum specifications


Preliminary Conclusions:

  • There may be a compatibility issue between the RTX 40 series GPUs and the Oculus App.
  • 13th gen Intel CPUs might also have compatibility issues with the Oculus App.
  • The ASW (Asynchronous Spacewarp) technology could be problematic on RTX 40 series cards, although I've disabled it on my PC.

Seeking Community Support:

  1. Can anyone provide a more technical description of this visual tearing issue?
  2. Does anyone have insights into the exact cause of this problem?
  3. Are there specific settings in my Unity project that I could tweak to alleviate these visual issues?
  4. My Unity project has ongoing performance optimizations, but the issue seems to be hardware-related. It is absent on RTX 3070 setups but present on higher-end RTX 40 series hardware.

Your advice or insights on resolving this would be immensely appreciated!