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Unity Platform SDK still returns empty User's DisplayName even after DUC having been approved


Hi, I have been having a problem trying to get the username of a user in a Unity Quest app.

I followed the instructions and filled the DUC to get access to the user's information. I also invited my dev account as a tester, and I was able to install the app within the Quest and pass the entitlement check. However, when I print out the username of my account it is always empty.

I found that other people had the same problem, but they solved it by filling the DUC. However, I have already done that, and in the dashboard it says "Approved". I requested access to the UserID and UserProfile, and I am trying to get the data using the GetUser().DisplayName fuction in Unity.



Ok, I found out the displayName is the only one empty, because using OculusID did indeed return something.

Has anyone found a documentation where it is explained exactly what all these attributes are? What is the difference between UserID, OculusID, displayName and Presence?