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Unity UI for Oculus Go?

Hello everyone, I have started a new Unity project and imported the Oculus SDK for Unity. It has a sample UI scene with gaze control and 2 scripts - OVRInputModule.cs and OVRGazePointer.cs. I want to convert that gaze based UI control to using the Oculus Go controller as a laser pointer.
I looked at this post but it references other files that are not found in the Oculus SDK folder that I have. I tried to adapt some of the code and put it in the OVRInputModule.cs. It sort of works, but the linerenderer lags behind a frame or two.
Here is a link to the apk:
And to the whole project folder:
I also uploaded only the OVRInputModule.cs file:
And a pdf with trck changes from the original OVRInputModule.cs file:

I cannot believe that there are no scripts adapted to controller-based input. Am I missing something?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Check out the AvatarSDK there are pre-built controllers in that library