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Unity VR to Unity Oculus Integration 1.32

Hi all,
App is finally ready to go into Alpha so that means Entitlement checks etc so I downloaded Unity Oculus Integration 1.32 (which also updates the SDK etc) and now nothing works 😞 I get the startup logo and then eternal blackness.

In the console during build (build as APK and side load with ADB) I see these warnings (which seem to indicate the update overwrote some of my Android settings?)....

1: Script attached to 'OVRPlatformToolSettings' in scene " is  missing or no valid script is attached
2: No activity found in manifest with action MAIN and category LAUNCHER - your app may not start correctly

I am hoping that this is just a setting somewhere?? Any help greatly appreciated. I am guessing that since the Platform Tool made a 'store compatable' manifest that I can no longer sideload??
Update: list #1 is because I added an App id to the tool settings in preparation  - took the id out and that error is now gone.

Did a whole bunch of research and it appears that once you add the "Oculus Unity Integration" plugin there's no going back to sideloading for development 😞

The "store compatible" manifest file it creates is designed to target a different launcher and since Unity builds it's manifest at buildtime by combining a master with plugin additions deleting the store compatible manifest won't help as the plugin will still alter the one it creates at build time.

All good - lesson learnt. Next time I'll hold off on adding the plugin until release is only a few builds away.

Expert Protege
You can simply change between INFO and LAUNCHER in your Assets/Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml to choose whether you want to build for Oculus Store or for development sideloading. I do that manually whenever I want to change that, but some people use some scripts or other helper stuff for that.

It is a bit annoying, but not quite as bad as you make it sound. πŸ™‚

That's awesome news - thanks for the advice. Still got some save logic to write which would be cumbersome having to test without side loading. Thanks πŸ™‚