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Unity XR not recognizing controller devices with new Meta SDK

Honored Guest

Hey all,

I have been trying to update a project that worked in Unity 2019.3 to Unity 2022.3.16.  It worked fine initially, but when trying to build, I got errors from the old Oculus VR SDK.  So, I realized I needed to upgrade to the new Meta SDK, and just went for all-in-one to find out what I need first.  The project must use OpenXR for input.

I imported, removed all the errors, and launched, only to find that UnityEngine.XR is no longer recognizing my controller devices.  I have the OpenXR Plugin and the Oculus XR Plugin installed.  OpenXR is selected in the list of plugin providers in XR Plugin Management (Selecting Oculus instead does not change anything), and Meta Quest features support is also enabled (though disabling it does not change anything).  OVRInput does recognize my inputs.

I confirmed that it is not recognizing controllers by writing a test script that will just log when a device connects.

Can anyone offer any guidance here?  I'm very confused as to how Unity's XR system would simply not recognize the controllers.



Have you tried restarting the Unity Editor? That fixed it for me.