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Unity for GearVR.. setting up, errors, failed builds

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Hi there,
I am trying to learn how to make a VR app for the GearVR from Windows 10 (Unity 2018.2.15f1) to Samsung Galaxy A8. Doing tutorial however no success to make my USB-plugged phone react, nor being able to build even an .apk. sp9ih1kme3a3.jpg
If I simply Run the scene in the Unity, it spits out a Warning: Virtual Reality SDK Oculus failed to initialize. Will attempt to enable None instead. Even if I switch on Settings ->Apps ->GearVR Service ->Storage ->Manage Storage ->Developer Mode ON on my phone.

When Building (see image): the Gradle-build-failed error claims some existing toolchains for the linux are missing.. wait, what linux? Even the Preferences->External Tools point to the NDK directory where the aforementioned are present, twice.

I have installed/uninstalled several times all those SDKs (Java,
Android, Oculus Integration, Samsung), an obsolete NDK#13 (Android) - command line, GUI, ..and don't even
remember what tools, in hopes to solve this. My phone has Oculus and GearVR apps running and Developer mode activated, and has a legal device status when adb -devices. USB drivers are there. Not building.

What else parts am I missing? My desperate pleas for the assistance.


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Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

Have you configured you development environment following these steps here prior to moving on the the current documentation you referenced?

Thanks @imperativity
Yes I have followed that web of references from one platform to another, and went step-by-step just once again, with no success, no changes. And then, contrary to what the Unity reference suggested on using external tools, I copied aforementioned Linux toolchain folder to the Android NDK which Unity claims not supporting. And yes, now it finally builds apk and runs Oculus player. Fingers crossed, it would work with other projects too.

One more thing, Oculus instructions on preparing the device: the issue with this is that my phone (Galaxy A8) doesn't have the Allow Mock Location option, instead I have option to choose a Mock Location App - in the guides I could not find suggestions which one from the titles on the GooglePlay would be a development-standard or a recommended one. Could you suggest a reliable one?