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Unity play mode does not start game in VR

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I am started developing in Unity, and try to run my game in VR. SO I take on my Quest 3, start Quest Link (or AirLink) and switch to Monitor1 (i have 2 of them).
I have installed XR Plugin Management, Oculus Plugin, set Android settings in XR Plugin Management to Oculus, same with windows settings. Also set basic interactions, with hand and etc. 
When I build and upload it in Quest3, the whole process works fine, i can look around, i can move the raycaster attached to my hands etc.

But when I press Play button in Unity Editor, at first it starts my game in Quest 3, as it is supposed to be. 
When i go back to editor, make any changes, and tries to play again my headset start flashing like a stroboscope for at least 10 seconds, and fallbacks to playing my game in the editor (through Quest link, in VR, but not 3D) instead of starting the actual game. 
Previously it returned with an error: 
"Failed to set DeveloperMode on Start.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
Unity.XR.Oculus.Development:OverrideDeveloperModeStart ()"

But recently it won't even show this error, just does not do what it should.
It's quiet annoying, as building or patching game every time is time consuming, and I'd really like to use play button for development. 

Is anyone experienced this before? Is there any solution for this?



I'm not sure where the real problem is coming from, but when you take off your quest device, they go into sleep mode and when you put them back on, they disconnect from the app (This is a issue i faced in multiplayer apss). Can you try turning off sleep mode in the settings?


I am having a same problem. Have you solve it?


One thing to check... When you enable the Oculus plugin in the "XR Plugin Manager", are you enabling the Oculus plugin on both the Android *AND* Windows tabs? When you use the editor to test your game, it runs on WINDOWS, and just sends the visuals to the Quest, so it will use your WINDOWS tab settings, not the Android tab settings.


[edit: Sorry - I see that OP mentioned that they *DID* set the Windows settings - not deleting, may help someone else.]

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The issue is caused by the issue discussed here ->

I was able to fix the issue by using this script ->

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For anyone finding this on google:

Inside the Meta Quest Developer Hub 
go the the "Device Manager" page
 ensure that "Meta Quest Link" is set to On


This fixed the issue for me