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Use Meta's Avatar and login functionality in OpenXR mode in Unity

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1 Background For the current project to adapt to multiple XR platforms, we are using Unity XR SDK + OpenXR SDK as a foundation. We combine this with the official interaction extensions for basic development. At the same time, to adapt to Meta's passthrough feature, we have incorporated the Meta OpenXR Feature and ARFoundation to achieve a transparent effect. The PackageManager contains the following extensions, and the OculusXR Plugin is not included:
2 Specific Business Logic At this stage, we want to introduce the ability for users with MetaAvatar to see each other's avatars.
We have introduced the Oculus Integration extension package into the project. In streaming mode, we can normally experience these two capabilities (still without including the OculusXR Plugin): The Avatar can use CustomHandPoseExample to achieve the meta user image and follow the head and hand positions of OpenXR. Account login is also performed according to the tutorial. Streaming does not obtain data, and there are no errors. It is judged that data can be obtained on the actual device.
3 Problem When packing after completing the functionality, it was found that the OVRGradleGeneration.cs file's OnPreprocessBuild method, specifically line 121, explicitly prompted: "Oculus Utilities Plugin with OpenXR only supports XR Plug-in Management with Oculus XR Plugin." Because we use OpenXR capabilities throughout our project, our XR Plug-in Management is as follows, and we cannot switch to the Oculus XR Plugin:

1280X1280 (1).PNG

The question now is: if I want to use Meta's Avatar and login functionality in OpenXR mode, is my operation process and logic correct? Or does it mean that if I want to use Meta's capabilities in Oculus Integration Utility, I can only switch to the Oculus XR Plugin and cannot be combined with OpenXR? (We have already added the officially recommended Meta OpenXR Feature).