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Using OVRHand for remote hands in editor: issue in OVRSkeleton and OVRMesh

Honored Guest

Hi !

I'm using OVRHand (in addition to OVRSkeleton, OVRMesh and OVRMeshRenderer) to display finger tracking locally, and then to display the same for remote users, in a multiplayer app.

It works well (for remote users, I made an equivalent of OVRHand but which handle serialized data of the local hand), but I have one small issue so that it is fully clean.


Currently, for remote hands to appear, the local user hands haver to appear once.


It is due to a check in the initialization code of OVRSkeleton and OVRMesh, in their ShouldInitialize method, that only occurs in the editor: if we are in the editor, in addition to all the normal checks, the scripts checks that OVRInput.IsControllerConnected(OVRInput.Controller.Hands) is true before initialzing, blocking the hand rendering for remote users using their hand if the local user is not using their hand.


In a built app, it will work, and I can fix easily this localy by editing this editor only check.

But when I'll get the package through UPM, it won't be editable so easily.


So I'm wondering what would be the proper feature request process to ask for a virtual protected version of ShouldInitialize in OVRSkeleton and OVRMesh, or any better option, to be able to customize this point ?


Thanks !