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Using Oculus Touch controllers as Input in 2d game (Unity3d)

Honored Guest
Is it possible to use the Oculus Touch controllers as an input device in Unity3d to create a 2d game, without having to wear the Rift Headset? It seems that after a short while of having the headset stationary, the tracking of the rift touch "falls asleep", where the tracking seems to only continue on one rotational axis or something. This means that if I want to use the Touch Controllers, I have to keep moving the Rift Headset to keep it from "falling asleep". Is there any way around this? I want to use the Touch Controllers as input similar to using the Razor Hydra in a program I am working on. Thank you if you all have any ideas!

Honored Guest
As far as I know the touch controllers connects wirelessly to the headset to make them work, so the headset needs to be ON to use them. Dont think you will be able to use them as Hydras. The only way I can think of is like imperativity said trigger the proximity sensor on the rift all the time with something (maybe some tape).

Honored Guest
Just plug the Game controller directly into the PC using a micro-usb cable.