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VR problems with Post Processing in Unity 2019.1.0b5

Honored Guest
Hi, is anyone else having this problem?
Yesterday we moved our VR project to 2019.1 and everything worked fine until we added the Post Processing StackV2 2.1.4. When we hit play, the camera freezes, but does not pause or show any errors. When the post processing is turned off it runs well again.

We are using:

Unity 2019.1.0b5

Post Processing StackV2 2.1.4


Multi pass

Oculus integration version 1.35

Standard render pipeline

Everything worked well in Unity 2018.2.6f1


Honored Guest
I cant even get a boilerplate build to work in Unity 2019.1of2.  Once I plug Samsung Galaxy S7 into my GearVR it says "Gear VR has quit unexpectedly".  It works fine in 2018.3

Honored Guest
The Post Processing stack seems to be broken for mobile since last year. Had a similar problem recently. Here is a link to multiple Unity issue tracker posts: