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Virtual Keyboard initial position not working

Honored Guest

Hi, thanks for help, I got a problem making a login, I'm using the virtual keyboard, so there's an option where you can change the position, if you need it near or far, I'm using the near option, i did read the documentation, but i just can't make it work


And also floor tracking in the Camera, so the thing is that it just stays in the floor when I play it in my Quest 3.
here are the errors.




I guess the first one is the important one, the last one is something I'm doing for testing, and the others i don't really know.
As i said, I'm using a Quest 3 headset 


Honored Guest

I am having a similar problem where the Initial Position Near or Far appears at undesired places.

I am using Meta's XR All-In-One SDK and the Passthrough that comes with it.


Didn't find any solution, but, my solution was to move the player position to 0 in Y, so it can be at the keyboard height (:, hope it helps, (i was using v65)