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What user information can be accessed in gear VR App?

I am trying to fetch logged in user's information in my app. By looking at OvrUser model I don't understand what these properties stand for, and what is their usage as I couldn't find any description. By reading different threads here I figured out that ovr_User_GetOculusID represents username. So how do I get other information like full name, date of birth etc. I thought of integrating Facebook Unity SDK but it uses oAuth which can not be used as web view in Immersive mode is not supported. However Oculus Videos app uses a non-vr web view to connect Facebook account. But obviously that would go into Oculus Home app's connected accounts. Is there a way to access connected accounts data into my app?
If there is no possible solution to this at the moment, Does Oculus or Facebook have future plan to support this in Unity SDKs?