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Why OVRPlayerController doesn't move when i press Quest 2 touch control joystick?

Hello i posted before not knowing what i was doing cause i'm just a begginer. now it's been a few days I figured out how to see my hands in the game and show the controllers and send my game to the Quest 2. coolll.. But it's still not a game cause i cant even move.


I am using OVRPlayercontroller. It's the same as regular flat screen games character controller but for some reason it's not moving when i press the oculus touch? Any one know why it doesn't move my self( player) around the scene. ? It also does't turn around( Snap turning) even though it has snap turning selected in the options.


I use Unity 2021.1.28f1

Thanks if can help



Hi.  Also a relative beginner but I did manage to get it to work (phew!).  Have you:

* Downloaded and are using the latest version of the Unity Editor and also Oculus Integration?  You may need to delete and start again which is what I did with the Oculus Integration.  Not entirely sure why it didn't work first time  but I suspect it was because I also downloaded OpenXR in the project.  This is what really confused things despite me not using OpenXR at all in the project.  Again.  I started a new project and just downloaded Oculus Integration and it was fine.

* Deleted the original Camera in the scene? OVRPlayerController comes with it's own camera called OVRCameraRig.  It won't work if you don't delete the original from the scene

* in the OVRControllerPrefab (which you place in the bottom of your hierarchy under OVRPlayerController) as part of the Left or Right HandAnchor, make sure that the "OVR controller helper" script has the 'L Touch' and 'R Touch' added as the controller to each one (hopefully that makes sense!)


Other than that you shouldn't need anything else for it to run.  It's a bit tricky to work out what you have done wrong without seeing it to be honest.

Thanks, i also discovered from looking at the Example scenes there is a PlayerController prefab and that one already comes ready to move and rotation and everything. so i used it and it works well. But the movement is alittle weird it's straight with no bumps i mean it's not realistic like human walking, humans go up and down alittle. i wonder if it's possible to have that in the movemennt. And how would i add footstep sounds. Do you have a clue?

I don't see why not.  You would add a script to the OVR Player Controller.  Here's a link for something you could start with:



Swaying (weapon sway but you could possibly adapt):


Think about sfx after you get the bob/sway working.  Have fun!