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Unity Eye Tracking API

Hi, I'm building an app that uses the user's gaze for interaction. The interface is a heads up display and is always static - it does not move when the head moves. I use the Unity eye tracking API to get an eye pose and then call pose.ToHeadSpacePose...

Building a hybrid app on meta quest 2

Hey guys, I'm working on a project using unity. The project is like a game center where you can select from and play all kinds of games. Is there any way to keep the game selection interface displaying on the Oculus TV and switch to VR mode when the ...

UI + Touch with Controllers

Hi All,I've gone through all the posts, and am trying to figure out if there is a built in pointer class similar to OVRGazePointer.I am able to get gaze pointer to work. I am also able to move OVRGazePointer references to a RHand controller, and use ...

How to fix flickering hands?

Hello fellow VRers,I started a new project with the Oculus Interaction SDK in Unity. Haven't really done much yet. Any ideas why my hands are flickering?Here's the video and reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity_XR_Developers/comments/11z...

Passthrough with XR Toolkit

I want to create a quest application with XR Toolkit and OVR Passthrough.I think I setup the project correctly, the oculus example works fine and also I can put the OVRRig inside my scene. But if I use a XRRig instead of an OVR Camera rig, the scene ...

Resolved! Share spatial anchors example doesn't work

I'm trying to use the Share spatial anchors provided in the oculus repository:https://github.com/oculus-samples/Unity-SharedSpatialAnchors But when I start the app and enter the Share Spatial Anchors scene, it shows on the log window: "You are not au...

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Default Avatar

Hi!Can anyone help?I am creating application with choose avatars.How i can set defaut grey avatar on start? And return default grey avatar after change it?

Objects with multiple materials flicker

There is a strange bug where objects with multiple materials cause textures to Flicker. This only happens on the Oculus Quest 1 & 2, and only with objects with multiple materials. Object with one material work fine. When I ran same app with the Unity...

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Spatial Anchors issues and "tutorial"

So I've been testing spatial anchors for a few days and I wanted to make a post to share my progress with the community. There is a little "tutorial" in the end of the post for those who wants to implement the Sharing Spatial Anchor feature.So far I'...

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Multiplayer Photon PUN. Communicate to everyone.

Hello,I've a question about Photon PUN 2. Is it possible to communicate to everyone who's connected to the PUN server ?Because, in my case I've a waiting room, it's a lobby. I've an "admin" who can send everyone who's connected to the lobby to differ...

Active manifestation ?

HiFor the purpose of a research project, I am trying to use the META Avatar SDK to represent participants in VR and change the different active manifestations. I would like to get sometimes only the head, sometimes head and hands, etc.I am aware that...

Add animation to Avatar in Unity

I want to use avatars from Meta SDK as NPCs in an experience that I'm developing, using some Mixamo animations to make them look more alive. However I can't find a way to add an Animator controller to the OVRAvatarEntities.Has anyone done this?

About Meta XR Simulator not showing up

Hello everyone, has anyone tried Meta XR Simulator successfully?I am a unity beginner. Everything I did was according to the official documentation, and although the program does not report errors, it also does not give me the interface presented in ...

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Resolved! Check if an object is grabbed

Hello guys. I can't find a way to check if an object is grabbed or not, a boolean that is true if it is grabbed and false if it is not. The attached image is the components that the object that I want that variable to have. I'm using Oculus sdk Integ...


.obb doesn't install during APK install

Hey there. I've split my project into a 79mb APK/ 2.6gb OBB file. And have uploaded both files via both the inbuilt unity publishing tool and the Meta Quest Dev hub.I definitely include the .obb file during both processes, as the file space estimate ...

OVRScene issues

We're developing several demos using a combination of The World Beyond sample and OVRSpatial Anchors. We've continually had a problem where the OVRScene will disappear or shift it's position. We can't pinpoint the cause of this, but it might be relat...