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How to take photo from quest3 camera

I am planning to implement this using the Meta XR Core. When a button on the Meta Quest controller is pressed, I want to take a photo with the Meta Quest 3 camera and display that photo on a Plane. Using the passthrough functionality, I am able to di...

shoto11 by Honored Guest
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Bugfix for hand touch physics

There is a small but annoying bug that has taken me quite a while to diagnose and fix so I thought I'd share.We have a bug where the physics hands would press buttons and trigger things when the player wasn't actually performing the action. This was ...

Resolved! Invalid package name when updating app

We are working on a new app. I uploaded our first apk via Meta Quest Developer Hub, which succeeded. Now, when I try to replace the build with a new version, I get an error regarding the package name already being in use. The package name in use is t...

Meta XR Audio Plugin for FMOD Setup

I am trying to follow this page: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/meta-xr-audio-sdk-fmod-req-setup/But it's leaving out a pretty important step when it comes to Quest development. There's a section calledCopy the plugin to the Unity P...

Open default video player from unity App

Hello.I don’t understand how to open a video in a standard video player in Oculus Quest 3 from a script. I'm trying to open it in three ways, none of them work.The first two methods work on PC without any problem.Method3 from this plugin: https://git...

Is Application Spacewarp Worth Integrating?

Hey all, just wanted to get some community (and hopefully developer) input on whether AppSW is appropriate for our project, and if other Unity devs have successfully shipped with it. We're working on a medium sized adventure game with lots of moving ...

Leaderboard / Achievement Testing

I'm probably asking a repeat question here. In the event this matches a similar ask - then there must be an answer. Scenario:I have integrated META Platform SDK into my VR App being developed in Unity Engine. 1. Latest Platform SDK integrated in App ...

moonw8ve by Honored Guest
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how to raycast against global mesh with MR Utility Kit

I've been trying to raycast against the Quest 3 room global mesh with MRUK and my solutions keep getting more and more convoluted, can't be right.. Dug around the samples a bit and couldn't find anything, and the anchor raycast looks like it only doe...

bzor by Honored Guest
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Disable home button gesture

Greetings, I work at a technology company where we are developing an experience for the "Meta Quest 2" device in the Unity environment. In our use case, the user never needs to exit the application, since when finished he should remove the helmet and...

Phase Sync on v65

Hello, so lately, I've had to reset my oculus due to some issue, but ever since i did, the Phase Sync option hasn't been working at all, I've also tried setting it with ADB (debug.oculus.phaseSync and also tried debug,Meta.phaseSync) setting the prop...

Resolved! Direct Interactable UI Sliders and Dials?

Hello everyone!I am planning on building an application where a user can use their hands to directly interact with a button, a slider and a dial (as opposed to using the joystick and raycast to manipulate the UI element).Oculus has a template for vir...

MRUK Scene Navigation for All rooms

I am building a game the leverages navmesh in multiple rooms but no matter how many things I change the SDK doesn’t seems to generate more than 1 room navmesh at the same time. The Scene Navigation component is set to ALL ROOMS. I can provide any log...

Squashi11 by Honored Guest
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UNITY 6 Logging Bugs (OVR / META XR / OPEN XR)

With UNITY 6 being released last month, we've gone in and logged some critical bugs that are preventing smooth Quest development on the new engine. If you find any bugs or, especially, find solutions let us know and leave them here!------------------...

Resolved! Immutable folders in Interaction Packages

I have a lot of issues with immutable folders in the new Meta SDK packages.I tried different things to but the error keeps coming back in different projects.I first installed Meta Core SDK, I installed 4 building blocks. XR rig, passthrough, controll...

mikameel by Explorer
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Resolved! MRUK couldn't load any scene data.

After i update the headset system to V65,I find I can't load scene data using MRUK. I tried the building block room mesh and the scene was successfully loaded, so it's not a linking problem. The warning message:MRUK couldn't load any scene data. Scen...

Custom events for when an object is grabbed

Looking to recreate climbing. previously used xr interaction toolkit by unity and now would like to switch to handtracking with oculus toolkit. I have had a hard time understanding the grabbable script. I would like to track the velocity of the hand ...