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Change Scene

Hi. Can somebody help me? I want to change my scene from scene 1 to scene 2. I'm using Meta Quest 2 and I'm using Meta SDK Ray Interaction. Can somebody show me a step by step process on how to do it. Thank you

OVR Overlay Canvas render black square

I've created a new project and added all required Meta depndences. And create simple canvas with text and image. And it works correctly in Meta XR Simulator. After that i added OVR Overlay Canvas component and selected OVROverlayUI layer. And instead...

Unwanted 32-bit libraries

When uploading our Unity project to AppLab we get the following warning: "This app contains both 32-bit (armeabi-v7a) and 64-bit (arm64-v8a) libraries. This consumes extra storage and increases download times. Consider updating your build to target 6...


Struggling with Capsense/Multimodal

Hi all,I thought it should be an easy task to recreate the multimodal functionality as it is working in the new Home environment since it offers a lot of cool interaction possibilities. However, I am not able to switch to an artificial Hand Model wit...

v62 ControllerDrivenHands broken?

Hello,I just updated to SDK v62, and after a little bit of confusion on where to get the samples (find them in the 'Samples' tab, for each package in the Package Manager window - it then adds them to Assets/, not Packages/), it seems that I can't get...

Interaction SDK Samples - Catch object

In the TouchGrab sample scene I can pick up the chesspiece with one hand and then drop it into my other hand. I copied this chesspiece to the HandGrab sample scene, to get a combined test scene, but now it falls straight through the hand. I tried to ...

jboss by Protege
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Disable OVR Logs ?

Is there a way to disable the ovrManager and ovrAvatar 2 logs ? (other than comment line in script)it's difficult to debug with hundreds logs comming from them..

How to enable mouse input in Unity?

Hi everyone, I have a bluetooth mouse connected to my Meta Quest 3 and want to use it in my Mixed Reality Unity project. Even though the mouse is connected to the headset, it's not registering the mouse or showing the cursor in my unity project. What...

Janne.kae by Honored Guest
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OVROverlayCanvas Overlap Issues

I have 2 UI OVROverlayCanvas's in my scene. One is a monitor on the wall and the other is a menu that floats at the start. The monitor UI always appears over the top of the UI menu that is in front of it. I rebuilt it and it work for a minute. I made...

Platform Settings- bad credentials??

Hi,I'm trying to set up my Unity project to use avatars. Unfortunately, I am unable to set the "Oculus Platform Settings", "Unity Editor Settings" part. I can't set myself as a tester in "Unity Editor Settings". I am the only developer, admin. When I...

fuzzy3d by Explorer
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Resolved! Interaction SDK Teleport change trigger mapping.

I am trying to change the controller mapping for Teleport using Meta Interaction SDK Locomotion. I can see its set in Joystick Axis 2D Active State in the Selector and TeleportActiveState. But I would like to use buttons 2 and 4 to trigger Teleport. ...

Creating custom gesture swipe gesture

I am creating an application for quest 3 using unity. I want to implement a custom swipe up hand gesture which will toggle a curved UI canvas using the setActive property. Basically, if I swipe up the menu appears and if I swipe up again the menu dis...

Passthrough and Blend Modes?

Checking to make sure this is or isn't possible before I waste much more time on this.Does Quest 3 mixed reality support blend modes that affect the passthrough layer? I have materials set to "add" but they only add with other virtual objects in the ...


Oculus XR Plugin latest version

Hi, the Oculus XR Plugin latest version should be 4.2 (released in January), but in Unity registry I see only version 4.1.2 and no updateI'm missing something or simply it is still not published on registry?

maxhype by Honored Guest
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Avatar Entity

I am trying to make an experience, where only the head of a Meta Avatar is displayed.I have changed the Manifestation Flag, to only be head in Creation Info, with a Third Person Active View. I have toggled Active Manifestation to be Everything and tr...

Active manifestation ?

HiFor the purpose of a research project, I am trying to use the META Avatar SDK to represent participants in VR and change the different active manifestations. I would like to get sometimes only the head, sometimes head and hands, etc.I am aware that...

How can I display hands over OVROverlay?

I am using the OVRCanvasMeshRenderer script to display a curved canvas using OVROverlay. Using this for a spatial web browser, and OVROverlay provides the best visual clarity.Problem is that the canvas now displays over everything. I cannot figure ou...