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Hand skeleton data startboneId issue

Hi, I'm trying to get hand skeleton position data from quest3.I'm following https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-handtracking/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR60_TCkmAY&t=305s this video. But when I return handSkeleton.GetCurr...

DaeHoSCI by Honored Guest
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Running Unity PlayMode Tests on Quest

Hello there!I've been working on implementing PlayMode tests for my Quest app using the Unity Test Runner. I can successfully execute all the editor tests without any issues. However, I've hit a roadblock when attempting to run these tests on my phys...

Bug in Meta XR SDKs

The OVRPhysicsRaycaster file provided in the Meta XR SDKs have a bug by the line 153.for (int b = 0, bmax = hits.Length; b < bmax; ++b){var result = new RaycastResult{gameObject = hits[b].collider.gameObject,module = this,distance = hits[b].distance,...

Voice SDK for text-to-speech on WebGL

I'm trying to use the text-to-speech on WebGL. It seems the code does have defines for WebGL so it is supposed to work, but when I build I get the error:Oculus\Voice\Lib\Wit.ai\Scripts\Runtime\WitRequest.cs(360,13): error CS0103: The name 'StartUnity...

Tamulur by Explorer
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input Field and Virtual Keyboard unity

Hello,I'm fairly new to developing with the Meta Sdk so maybe it's an easy fix.Using The latest sdk 60.0.0 in Unity 2022.3.11f1 and Virtual Keyboard to type an Ip address into a input field.Adopted the "Virtual Keyboard" Sample Scene to my needs but ...

Resolved! [OVREyeGaze] Failed to start eye tracking. Quest3

Quest3.I have Eye tracking enabled on the Oculus PC App, Eye tracking is set as supported on the OVRManager, it is set as true on the permission request on start up.Public Test Channel on the oculus app is enabled and downloaded latest version.The OV...

Quest 3 depth API + shader graph

I see Meta provide 4-5 different shaders for the depth APIhttps://github.com/oculus-samples/Unity-DepthAPIbut what about for custom shader graph shaders? I use these a lotis there something simple we can do in shader graph to enable compatibility wit...

bigmans by Explorer
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Meta XR ControllerHands Locomotion

I am looking to upgrade my project from the XR Interaction Toolkit to Meta XR Interaction SDK. After going through the sample scenes and trying every iteration I can think of, I can't get a version of the ControllerHands to work with the locomotion s...

Nviro28 by Honored Guest
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So many confusing things with the SDK

I'm used to MRTK2 & 3.Oculus SDK (/Meta SDK? this is where the confusion starts LOL!) seems very... complicated to me. Generally it is weird that there are SO many components with similar names, from OVRplugin and Oculus.Interaction. In addition, hav...

set Live streaming on by code

Hello, is it possible to broadcast live through a call from a script and thus not have to go to the menu and click on the broadcast option?In the documentation there are calls related to it, some ideas on how to use them:https://developer.oculus.com/...

Unable to give permission for All files access

I am currently working on an application that uses a specific document on the users device to transfer information and records between itself and different simmilar applications made by my team (imagine Game A storing its highscores in a shared docum...

dextro007 by Honored Guest
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Share Spatial Anchors - OpenXR Unity

Hi,I'm trying to get Shared Spatial Anchors working using OpenXR instead of Oculus plugin. The reason I can't use Oculus is because other plugins are dependent on OpenXR. If I switch back to Oculus it works fine.I can create anchors fine, but when it...


Directly package Unity-Phanto sample in Scene API mode, NoSceneModelToLoad is always triggered after scanning the room.Please tell me what caused it?

kat310 by Honored Guest
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Poor project validation

There are issues in the project validation when working with the new meta packages. 1. When only the Windows platform is installed in the editor you get the message 'Build target (unknown) is not supported'This should say something about windows and ...

Add animation to Avatar in Unity

I want to use avatars from Meta SDK as NPCs in an experience that I'm developing, using some Mixamo animations to make them look more alive. However I can't find a way to add an Animator controller to the OVRAvatarEntities.Has anyone done this?

Link to specific (Horizon) World from Meta app

Hello everyone! I'm building a meditation app in VR for a client of mine. Right now he wants the player to be completely solo within our app (that's easy!) but also have access to a 'community room' in Meta Horizon Worlds where they can meet other pe...