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API Call for clearing room data

Hey folks,I am looking into adding a feature to clear/reset the scanned room data on Quest 3. The intent is to be able to trigger this as part of a live update which will be updating room setup login from in game to avoid existing room data being mod...

MetaAvatars not persistent

I'm facing an issue in Unity VR. MetaAvatar loads in the main scene but when I change the scene (either by simple Load or using LoadAsync) the avatar doesn't load in the next scene and when I come back to the main scene it again doesn't load the Meta...

Resolved! Is Depth API not available on Quest Pro?

Hi there! I'm yooj. I try testing Depth API with Quest Pro. But according to Documents, seems like it doesn't provide at Quest Pro devices. And the main reason is Quest Pro doesn't have a Depth Sensor. I asked here to clarify that I searched. Thanks ...

yoojHwang by Honored Guest
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Avatar Editor not coming up

I tried running the Meta Avatar Editor in the example Unity scenes included in the SDK samples (using the OpenAvatarEditor object + script) but it doesn't do anything or display any errors or debug messages at all. I have the 24.0.1 version installed...

Additional Tongue Tracking BlendShapes

There are currently seven BlendShapes for tongue tracking which primarily only allow for inwards/outwards positioning.https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/move-face-tracking/#face-blendshapes Some further implementation allowing for simpl...

Nhex by Honored Guest
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unity multi camera broken in build

Before I start, I am not good at English. I hope you understand.I try to split camera for ui and others (3d object, environment, etc ...)I had split layer and create new camera and it works on editor play modebut it is not working on oculus quest 2 t...

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Resolved! Is Meta Core SDK needed?

I recently updated to Unity 2022 and saw this asset from Meta, my game is made for Oculus but I use HurricaneVR so I do not need avatar or anything like that but, does this asset, or any of the assets from Meta performance benefits without having to ...

Loloncio2 by Honored Guest
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Turning off HMD tracking (all 6 DoF)

Hello there, is there any way that I can turn off the all the degree of freedoms? I mean, I want to use Oculus SDK or Unity XR Interaction Toolkit to cast something from a Unity scene and do not want it to rotate or move either. I want to turn off HM...

ASW FPS in the OVR Metrics Tool is outputting half

Hello, I use the OVR Metrics Tool to measure the performance of my project.However, I recently (January 2024) realized that the ASW FPS in the OVR Metrics Tool is outputting at half.Up until some point in December 2023, I recall that the ASW FPS was ...

WinCNT by Honored Guest
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Quick invites not sending

Hi, we're having some issues with quick invites using the group presence system. We set a group presence session using GroupPresence.Set, which appears to work as I can see my current session in the quest UI. When we then attempt to send invites usin...

Launch app with tracking disabled.

Hi there, can a UnityXR app launch while headset tracking is disabled? One of our clients wants to use their Quest 1 headsets on ships for training purposes. Due to the ship's movement, the headset loses tracking frequently, leading them to disable t...

Louis_vdm by Honored Guest
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