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Resolved! How to enable ASW 2.0 on Unity?

I am using Unity 2021.2.6f1 I have XR plugin and Oculus XR plugin installed.For the Oculus XR Plugin, I installed the 3.0 preview version.So in the settings of Oculus I get an option under experimental called:Application SpaceWrap(Vulkan) I checked t...

Cheapest possible color grading for Quest 2?

Hi, Iam doing something on a Quest 2 and I have my scene setup and working just fine. It runs well enough at 72fps pretty much locked but the moment I apply any post processing (Iam only looking for color grading stuff) it drops by 20 fps to 50s. I'v...

devv301 by Level 2
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Remote Deployment of .apk to Quest/Meta 2 headset

I wish I had the time to scour the community boards but I don't so I apologize if my question has been addressed already. We have several Oculus Quest 2 headsets that are company owned located across the US. We develop our own virtual reality apps fo...

Unity XR Management and right eye rendering issue

With the new XR management system installed in Unity I can only render to the right eye if I set the Camra Target to 'Both" If I set the target to "Right" it wont render to the right eye. This is important to me because I use two cameras and have one...

bugrock by Level 2
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reading serial data

hello I am trying to figure out how to read serial data sent to the quest 2.it is sent via Arduino (hc-05) and the idea is to have a unity program on the oculus end reading and using that data.so far i have been unsuccessful in finding the correspond...

Running BasicGrab sample Unity scene

I tried to Build & Run BasicGrab example under Interaction/Samples/Scenes from Unity to my Quest 2, but it ran in a plan(Like settings dialog) in Quest 2, think it should be a VR scene around me in HMD instead of a plan, is there any settings I'm mis...

LeonZhx by Level 2
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Companion app in Unity

Hello,I would like to develop a companion app for android using Unity, that would go with an oculus quest 2 application.I did not find clear documentation about how to create it and how to connect the game with a dedicated companion app, do you have ...

MMEF by Level 2
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About architecture of Oculus Integration SDK

What is the relationship between Unity XR Interaction Toolkit and Oculus Integration SDK? I can see in C# script, Oculus Integration SDK referred Unity XR SDK objects, like: using InputTracking = UnityEngine.XR.InputTracking; using Node = UnityEngine...

LeonZhx by Level 2
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AppLab IL2CPP requirement for Quest2?

Hello,I see IL2CPP mentioned everywhere in the official documents / tutorials and I don't want to discuess IL2CPP vs C#/Mono here. I simply want to ask if IL2CPP is an actual requirement and if my app will be rejected in AppLab if I don't use it, eve...

R1PFake by Level 4
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Resolved! Aligning world with Guardian Play Area

I seem to be at a loss for I have been working on this problem for the last couple of days.I am trying to create a game where the player walks through the environment by walking around their play area given it meets the requirements (7 ft x 7 ft). I,...

Feature Request: Hand tracking on desktop

When using the Unity editor, we have access to the Quest Hand Tracking. However, when the exe is built it no longer works.I assume this is because windows is using a rift-style API, but the Oculus team have added special hand tracking support for the...

Grabber for Oculus Interaction SDK

Does anyone know how to force select an object? I've been playing around withgrabInteractable.AddSelectingInteractor(grabInteractor); andgrabInteractor.Select(); but I can't get an object to be force selected Does anyone know how to acomplish this? F...

Riiich by Level 3
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How to apply a pose to HandGrabPoint?

I've been trying to integrate the Oculus Interactions SDK, and I can't seem to figure out how to pose the HandGrabPoint, either by using explicit values, or by applying an existing pose to the HandGrabPoint. The only way it seems I'm able to create a...

Screenshot 2022-02-04 171254.png

URP and Quest

Can I use URP on Quest, and if so, can you help me find the docs? While a veteran of the VFX industry, I'm a virgin with game dev and Unity. I have been trying to understand the different rendering pipelines in Unity, I like what I see in URP and I h...

IAP not working the second time

I am building an app for quest in unity.I have integrated the Oculus Platform SDK & made all the requirements according to the documentation. When I run the app and purchase the consumable purchase for the first time, the purchasing is successful.But...