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Rendering to only one camera

Hi,I would like to use webcam textures, assigning them to plane objects by: void Start() { string camName = WebCamTexture.devices[camnumber].name; CameraTexture = new WebCamTexture(camName); CameraTexture.Play (); renderer.material.mainTexture = Came...

ahahto by Level 2
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skybox too blurry

Any tricks for making the skybox render clear in both lenses? At the moment it's blurry and out of whack unless you close 1 eye and only look through 1 lens at a time....Using the default camera control in the OVR menu after importing the unitypackag...

lmbarns by Level 2
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Oculus Distorts Raycast

So essentially I'm creating an on-rails first person shooter using the Oculus and Leap Motion. Adding the Oculus causes the raycast that controls the hit detection to veer off target. I've found a couple of threads that talk about this problem but no...

Metagen by Level 2
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Merging existing camera with Oculus Prefab

If this has already been asked, please point me in the right direction. I'm trying to convert pre existing cameras with the Oculus prefab. I'm not sure how to convert the camera to stereoscopic and still keep my presets, such as Flare Layers, Color C...

FollowOrientation for Yaw Only?

Is there a way to make FollowOrientation affect Yaw only? I tried editing the FollowOrientation code to only look at the .y/.yaw values. Results were disasterous- orientation was jittery and only semi-worked when degrees were not near 0/360. Maybe wo...

xhonzi by Level 2
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How to Display mouse cursor ?

Hi, the thing is that I wish to display the mouse cursor and use it to point some object. But I don't know how to do to make it correctly with the VR. I have the cursor on my application, but it's complicated to localise object and point them.Thank y...

Unity 5 Pro discount after trial period?

My Oculus/Unity4Pro trial period just ended. I like the engine and am likely to purchase the Unity5 pre-purchase. There must be a bunch of us in this situation, since we all got the trial license about the same time. Has anyone heard of a discount fr...

thorp by Level 2
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Displaying Oculus Rift Unity Content on a 3DTV

A few weeks ago I developed a technique for viewing Oculus enabled Unity content on a 3D TV. This is a fairly simple scripting chore and may be of interest to others. It should work for any display device that can accept "squashed side by side" stere...

Draw 2D GUI Texture onto Quad Mesh?

viewtopic.php?f=41&t=7724This is perhaps a repeat of my question in this other thread. I'm having trouble building a 2D texture (not material) to place on a plane or quad mesh. This is to draw some of the UI, but not on the Rift cameras themselves. T...

xhonzi by Level 2
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WHY !! Gui elements only visible in one eye ??

I have noticed all of my Gui elements only render to one camera. Why & how can I rectify this ?? I'm hoping there's a simple function in the SDK or a tag I can apply that will duplicate them automatically over so they're visible in both Left & Right ...

Mickman by Level 4
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Best solution for creating an online VR hangout.

Howdy ya'll,I'm very interested in creating a VR online hangout in Unity. Basically just a small level with some cool eye candy/atmosphere where people can meet up and explore/chat/whatever. I'd like to be able to host at very least five people with ...

VRex by Level 4
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Distortion Scale

I don't have a Rift yet, but I needed to see what the final warped image looks like to get a better idea of whether text is too small or too big, among other things. I modified OVRCameraController to hardcode the actual distortion coefficients, verif...

drash by Level 7
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Skydome + virtual objects (AR scenario) problems

Hi there,I have the following Unity scene (not considering the Rift yet):1. A skydome, that is, a sphere with inverted normals on which a panorama image is mapped. The diameter does not matter, but for now I've used 2 meters (= 2 Unity units) as an a...

MShekow by Level 2
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OVR_Unity_0.3.1_Lib questions

Does the Unity integration in the new SDK include Timewarp and SDK Rendered Distortion? If so, are they enabled by default and can they be toggled?Am I right in thinking (regarding our Unity projects) that there won't need to be any code changes as t...

Boff by Level 2
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UNITY 5 features previewed...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSfakMeW0lwLooks pretty awesome...

SxKx by Level 5
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Live Webcam Depth Map

Hey guys,I have a live webcam feed that is being displayed on a plane in my Unity project using the AV Pro Live Camera asset (creates a texture that uses the webcam's feed). My question is this: If the webcam is displaying a black and white image, is...

VRex by Level 4
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Razer Hydra breaks rift movement

Hey.So testing my demo, and when I plug the Hydra in, it causes the Rift to stop working until I unplug them and reset Unity.How can I fix this? It seems like when the Hydras are plugged in, the mouse gets enabled, as I can look left and right by usi...

Modifying Hydra for positional tracking

I have my Hydras and my Rift set up. I'm wondering, how can I go about making some changes in Unity. For example, before Oculus integration, the Hydras joystick was used to turn left and right and move forward and backward, but after implementing the...

>65 FPS

Hi guys,I've been developing a prototype in Unity for a while, and after hearing about 90-120hz refresh rates, I'm wondering how I'm going to suddenly double my frame rate to keep up. Then once the double resolution screens come out for CV1, I'll be ...

Can I use my own position tracking with Unity?

HiI'm considering to use Unity for a new project. It will include the Oculus Rift.But I need to be able to use my own position tracking hardware.Can I do that? When my own hardware gives me the exact position of the Oculus, can I give this informatio...

GUIText/HUD - best way to implement with the rift

Hi there,I've got a simple little project running where I can render models in a landscape and use one of the Rift cameras for hit detection with raycasting.I want to display details about the object the ray has collided with using a simple hud - whi...

Slopey by Level 2
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Had to reinstall Unity and having a problem

Hey guys.Not exactly related to the Rift, but my project involves the Rift and this problem is causing me to not be able to do my project.Using the razer hydras in Unity. I had to reinstall the software. When I open back up my project, my hydras move...