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Get current OVR camera rotation

Hey guys,I'm trying to get the current facing rotation of the OVRCamera and it appears to be eluding me.The OVRCameraController appears to store no information and the rotation appears to be handled individually on CameraLeft and CameraRight.I have t...

GUI.DrawTexture with OVR

I'm trying to apply a vignette effect of a helmet across the two rift cameras, but it is drawing the texture seemingly on a different layer to the cameras. I've tried attaching the vignette script/texture to each individual camera but the result is t...

Incorrect IPD math (maybe)

I have been feeling that the world scale has been weird since the first release despite using correct numbers. I have also seen comments concerning IPD adjustment seeming to not have much effect. After digging through the code I have finally figured ...

owenwp by Level 5
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mount on a vehicle

HiI'm driving a vehicle and the issue I have is that the oculus is always looking at my physical head position. So for instance, if my head doesn't move but the car rotates 180 degrees, i keep looking at the same spot.How can I change the script so t...

Script problems

When adding other components to unity3d which also use a color type, the following scripts should add UnityEngine. to the color Type so it can be properly accessed!OVRCameraControllerEditor Line 49 change fromGUI.color = Color.white;toGUI.color = Uni...

First person with head movement

Hi all,Bit of a tricky question here I fear. But it may not be so as I've seen it done in a few demos, and I'm still fairly new to Unity. Basically, I am trying to program a first person game with Rift support in mind. In this game I want to render t...

Space Scene Construction Kit and the Rift

Has anyone purchased Space for Unity on the asset store?http://u3d.as/content/imphenzia/space-for-unity-space-scene-construction-kit/4aYI'm really interested in using this as a skybox, but I'm not sure if I can expect lots of depth troubles using it ...

Aaarggghhh! Monitors Unity Arrrgghhh!

All was good and well in Unity Rift development land as command line argument -adapter N worked!But now it seems to have stopped working for me.OK I made space wars without a config dialogue and let people know that you could set a shortcut up with t...

Arowx by Level 3
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Persistent 'forward' direction

Each time a game/level starts up the 'forward' direction appears to be set to whatever direction you are looking at the time.What I would like to do is just keep the direction constant, regardless of the Rift's position on start up. Digging through t...

3D Crosshair and camera depth/culling

I am trying to create a 3D crosshair (that is a mesh in the world), and I need it to render last. I have always done this by adding a second camera as a child to the main one on a higher layer that culls only the layer with that object, but with the ...

Restricting Camera Rotation

Hi guys,I'm developing a racing game using the Rift and just wondering if anyone has come up with an easy way of modifying the scripts to restrict the camera rotation (ie so that you cant fully look behind you or fully up/down). I'm currently delving...

Lens Distortion Doesn't Work

My Rift is on it's way, so I'm practicing with the Unity pack in Unity 4 Pro. I can't see it distorting the two lenses, with the black around the edges. They just show up as normal, filling the screen and there's no apparent curving of straight geome...

Can't Get Demos to work!

Using Windows,I have the hardware connected properly, since both Stereoscopic Player and the Half-Life Beta work fine on the Rift, but all the other Demos I've tried so far seem to have the same startup Interface (which I assume is Unity), but none o...

CyborgX by Level 3
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Performance difference between Mac OS and Windows

Hi. I have a dual boot machine with OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 7.I played the Tuscany Unity demo on both operating systems, using the same exact hardware, and noticed that the OS X performance and image quality is lower than in Windows.Framerate ...

Jose by Level 7
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Image Effects

Is anyone else getting weird graphical errors when they use image effects? I am trying to use global fog and sunshafts image effects but something with the oculus plugin does this.The left camera has the 2 image effects in place and it leads to this....

judah4 by Level 2
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Seperating Head and Mouse movement.

Hi,Just picked up an Oculus Rift. I'm trying to separate the head movement from the mouse movement so my head movement doesn't effect the mouse movement.The key is that when I turn my head I want the mouse to be "left behind". (basically a 3d scene c...

Black edges with Unity SDK

Using the A cups I can see the wasted black space on the edges of the screen inside the rift, is there a way to make this bigger. the Unreal SDK seems to draw the scene up to the edges but the Unity one does. Is this a bug or intentional? and is ther...

Chaoss by Level 5
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Forward vector?

How do you get the direction the player is currently looking as a vector? Like if you needed to raycast straight forward for instance. Normally I would use PlayerCamera.transform.forward but that is obviously not possible with the stereo rendering se...