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Porting Meta SDK to OpenXR

My app use Meta SDK but i want to port this app to use in PCVR . How i understand i need to use OpenXR for it. Have anyone experience like this? How hard is it to port Meta SDK app to PCVR? Do i need to have two separated applications or i can have i...

Resolved! About Meta XR Simulator not showing up

Hello everyone, has anyone tried Meta XR Simulator successfully?I am a unity beginner. Everything I did was according to the official documentation, and although the program does not report errors, it also does not give me the interface presented in ...

Snipaste_2023-03-17_01-07-36.png Snipaste_2023-03-17_01-09-34.png
tanfox404 by Honored Guest
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The version 60/62 update is all messed up.

AVOID version 62!If you download from the Unity asset store, you get a different mix of version 60/62/5x than if you download from Meta.The OVRCamera is only available IF you load the samples. And then you have to copy it manually from Library/com.me...

Hand interaction only works for left hand

I want to use hand interactions for my application to pick up a ball. I have tried the Interaction SDK samples HandTracking scene and that works fine. I can pick up all the object with either my right hand or my left hand.So I copied that scene to bu...

jboss by Protege
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Poke Button and Haptic

I'm trying to figure out how to trigger haptics on a button press. My main issue right now is I don't know how to find out which hand is the one that has poked the button, and only trigger the haptic feedback of that specific hand. I'm working with t...

Skylunar by Honored Guest
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Mixed Reality app without boundary limit

Hi,we are building an MR/passthrough game meant to be played outdoors in large open areas. We found out that boundaries are limited to 10m by 10m which is hugely insufficient, as our game requires the players to move around a lot (easily in an area o...

Meta XR Simulator Spatial Anchor Support

Has anybody had success using Spatial Anchors in Meta XR Simulator? I'm getting some errors when trying to save an anchor locally. I don't know if it's just that there is no support so far.The errors:[OVRPlugin] [XRCMD][failure] [XR_ERROR_VALIDATION_...

alvar_ram by Honored Guest
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add control over SDK logs (OVRManager etc)

OVRManger and other components write a lot of debug logs that can get in the way of debugging other features. Would love to have to option to disable them completely or even on a more granular level.Example: starting the app creates ~20 logs, and the...

mihaits by Explorer
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Resolved! How to properly sign an Oculus Go apk?

Hi. I want to put my Unity game on Oculus Release Channel to generate some keys and give them to alpha-testers.But I can't validate my apk. I've got following errors:Необходимо настроить исключение из недавнего (android:excludeFromRecents в AndroidMa...

DanOrgan by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Seeking Quality Samples for Meta XR SDK

HelloI'm writing here to get info about the availability of high-quality samples for the new Meta XR SDK.While the Oculus Integration SDK provided excellent examples, particularly in areas like gesture recognition and object grabbing, I've encountere...

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Application Space Warp for Unity OpenXR

We as developers absolutely need the Application Space Warp feature for Unity's Open XR Provider.Currently the only way to activate ASW after all prerequisites are installed is by using Unity's Oculus Plugin and enabling it under in the config.But we...

Fuatyy by Honored Guest
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Change AndroidManifest.xml for AppLab submission.

I'm trying to get my app to be submitted into the AppLab, but I'm running into issues where no matter what I try, I always get those permissions active in my build:android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIOandroid.per...

AISDev by Honored Guest
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