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Moving issues on Appliction Spacewarp

Using the application Spacewarp for oculus quest 2 is causing a "vibrating" on the hands when moving.I put the custom hand prefab on the hands anchor and when i move the controllers, the hands doesnt seems to follow the "correct" movement. When i tur...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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About Oculus Add-ons (IAP)

I am trying the In-App-Purchases with Oculus platform services/add-ons. I am using Unity Engine.Question : Is it possible to change the price of an IAP product after the app has been released?I can't find a specific mention about it in the documentat...

Custom Preset Avatar models

The Meta Avatars SDK includes 32 preset avatars that can be used OOTB. I extracted the PresetAvatars_Quest.zip file from the SDK and saw a bunch of .glk files. However, it looks like the model files are in a customised format after I probed with the ...

Meta Avatar Handtracking colliders

Hello, I was wondering if any knows how to add physics colliders to the Meta Avatars / Avatar2s like you could do with the “Enable Physics Capsules” checkbox on the OVR Custom Skeleton component of the OVRCustomHandsPrefab.

Enable Keyboard Overlay for Quest in Unity

Hey all!I upgaded my Oculus integration in my Oculus Quest project to v19.1, and I would like to tryout the keyboard overlay in Unity.So far I did the following steps in the project:- Placed some InputField onto a Canvas- Created the mechanism to be ...

SetControllerVibration does nothing

Calls to OVRInput.SetControllerVibration(1f, 1f, OVRInput.Controller.RTouch) produces no vibration of the physical controller.Unity 2019.4.16f1Oculus SDK 23.1The developer page states that other methods of generating vibration are deprecated, so it s...

Meta Avatars: entitlement check fails in playmode

Playing with Meta Avatars SDK again, and now I'm working on Windows, having given up getting anywhere on Mac  I have everything set up and working fine: I can hit play in the editor and it connects with my Quest 2 via Air Link; I can connect via USB...

Kendel8 by Level 3
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Voip is not asking for microphone permission

I have realized this after upgrading Unity and Oculus Integration package, and tried it out on the samples to see if I have something wrong in my project. But same problem happens on the `VrVoiceChat` sample. To produce:1- New project in Unity2- Down...

PSA for using Unity XR plugin

We just shipped our first game built on the Unity XR Plugin architecture, and ran into a few gotchas that took a while to work through. Sharing here to hopefully save others some pain. Even though the plugin works great in the editor, you will still ...

How to disable the recording feature?

Hi,I'm building an app from Unity 2020 and I would not want the app to be able to record by the user. Currently, any application that you run directly on the headset (Oculus Quest/Oculus Go) has an option to record a video or take a photo if you open...

OVRInput.get() functions not working

I am trying to write a simple function to get a button click from OVR.Input and the .Get() and .GetDown() functions always return false. The controller works to grab objects with the triggers and the hands and fingers move accordingly in the game so ...