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Black edges with Unity SDK

Using the A cups I can see the wasted black space on the edges of the screen inside the rift, is there a way to make this bigger. the Unreal SDK seems to draw the scene up to the edges but the Unity one does. Is this a bug or intentional? and is ther...

Chaoss by Expert Protege
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Forward vector?

How do you get the direction the player is currently looking as a vector? Like if you needed to raycast straight forward for instance. Normally I would use PlayerCamera.transform.forward but that is obviously not possible with the stereo rendering se...

wide Field of view

If i change the field of view of the Right and left camera in the game , for example, set it to 200 will this cause some motion sickness to the gamer?

Right Eye Latency

I've been adding NGUI for my menu system.I have it rendering into a Render Texture which is applied to a material on a Plane that is attached to the Left eye with a Local Position offset to put it in the centre.With 'Call in Pre-Render' DisabledThe L...

sh0v0r by Protege
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Unity Demos in Window mode blue and white

Hi,when I start a lot of demos made with unity in window mode they come up totally black or light blue and white. Moving the window a bit fix that problem. Does anybody know why that is and if it can be fixed?Best regards,Isa

JOHIsaac by Honored Guest
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"no hmd or sensor detected"

Im developing with the new version of Unity (free version) but when i try to run the game the screen goes black after 5 seconds and i receive the message : "no hmd or sensor detected"

Anaglyph to test depth sans Rift

While waiting for my Rift, I started testing some ideas that may or may not work once my Rift arives. Has anyone tried to take the SDK and output an anaglyph singnal from the Unity/Oculus camera prefab?

Fiore by Honored Guest
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Splitting .mpo files in runtime with Unity?

Basically the title says it all I'm creating a stereo photo viewer for the Oculus, think viewmaster but then EPIC! The viewer works fine, but the user has to split the images by hand. I was wonderingif anyone knows how to split the .mpo files in run...

IPD settings and key mapping

HiI can't find which file contains the 0.064 IPD except the CameraController.cs file but even if I change the IPD value in this file and buid the project, when I press the space bar in the demo the default value is STILL 0.064 !!Searching the whole p...

cyril3d by Honored Guest
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Very minor issue in OVRMainMenu.cs

In OVRMainMenu's Awake(): // Find player controller OVRPlayerController[] PlayerControllers; PlayerControllers = gameObject.GetComponentsInChildren(); if(PlayerControllers.Length == 0) Debug.LogWarning("OVRMainMenu: No OVRPlayerController attached.")...

drash by Heroic Explorer
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FixedUpdate & Rigibody Interpolation

While integrating OVR into my game Lunar Flight I encountered several problems with using FixedUpdate and Rigibody interpolation. I thought I might share them in the hope that someone might suggest some solutions or at least others may be aware of wh...

sh0v0r by Protege
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Unity & Hydra

I've been spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to tweak scripts for my OR unity project so I can use the hydra's joystick to control movement (w,a,s,d)- is there anyone who could point me in the right direction? It seems to be a simple problem...

Caine by Honored Guest
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Screen Selection in Build

Just wondering if anyone has figured out the best way in Unity to select the rift screen on a PC build?I have an old ATI card, two displays + Rift and the full screen Rift game screen defaults to the main window.

Arowx by Explorer
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MessengerHelper error loading script!?

Hi Help with warning error needed...I'm just using the basic OVR Camera Prefab and a MessengerHelper object is generated at run time, only it generates a warning as it cannot add it's script?So I end up with a new MessengerHelper every time I run the...

Arowx by Explorer
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Basic Newbie questions...

Hi! First post, must say that Ive not had a chance to delve thru The forums yet, so excuse me if all this is boring!I have yet to Get a rift, but have a few questions before i do.1. Im assuming everything is available for OSX?2. regarding cameras, I ...

Oculus Camera object rotation

Hi,I am new to unity but I have a basic scene, I am trying to add the Oculus camera to a Car object.when I add the OVR camera to the car I can drive forward,backward , left and right but I cannot rotate the vehicle using a controller. it turns the ca...

camster by Honored Guest
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Sensor data

I can get the orientation data, but I can not get acceleration and some other data, is it possible to get the acceleration data from the sensor with the unity integration?

move object with rift

Hi,how can I move an object with the rotational movement of the rift?Similar to the "racket" plane of the Proton Pulse demo.I'm tried to create the plane and linked to the the diferents cobjects..OVRPlayerController,OVRCameraController,etc...but not ...

Compiler errors galore. *Pulls out hair.*

So I started out and I am fairly new to unity but found it fairly straightforward and started building with its built in assets. After a while I decided to download some prefabs from their asset store, as soon as I downloaded one of their demo packs ...

Game view set size & position

I have the Game view in a floating window on my 2nd monitor and i'm constantly had to adjust it for when running on the Rift when testing my game. So I made an editor script that sets the window size and its position. The default values work for my m...

zwickarr by Honored Guest
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mac retina bug

Hi, i just tried the tuscany demo 2.2 on a macbook pro retina and it shows the right camera as white when fullscreen.

CHE by Explorer
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Other new stuff in v0.2.2 integration

Haven't actually used it yet, but poked around in the code and found a couple interesting things not mentioned in release notes (as far as I could tell):Headtracking orientation appears to now be officially shared across multiple OVRCameraControllers...

drash by Heroic Explorer
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Anyway to improve distant object focus?

I've noticed that while near objects appear nice and sharp as they have more resolution I guess, distant objects appear blurry.Not just that they have fewer pixels but are actually blurry.Is this a result of the distortion shader?If you watch this ca...

sh0v0r by Protege
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