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Modify the pinch strength

I am working on a research project with the university where we use hand tracking with Meta Quest 2. A key element is being able to adjust the thresholds for establishing a grip, whether it be a pinch or palmar grip. Can anyone tell me if there is cu...

hasenav by Level 2
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Resolved! OVRSceneManager - can't query scene

Hello, I'm trying to get to grips with the scene querying functions, specifically in order to get the known positions of the floor, walls, desk, sofa and windows. I've set them up in the OS on my Quest 2 and I can see them renderered when in the home...

Cant upload quest apk to store

When I try and upload my apk to the store I get the following error:* APK install location should be `auto` (android:installLocation in AndroidManifest.xml). See documentation at: https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/publish-mobile-manifest/I set ...

Two Grab Rotatation Transformer bug with Movement

I was testing some driving with a Steering Wheel with the Two Grab Rotation Transformer and I've notice when the vehicle is moving/rotating the hand tends to move in that direcction making an offset between the virtual hands and the hands in the real...

Shavier by Level 3
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Modifying passthrough rendering using a shader

I have a shader I've written that modifies the color/rendering style of whatever is behind geometry that has the shader applied to it. It works great, but if I view passthrough behind the shader, the passthrough renders as black wherever the shader i...

Unity editor crash with openXR on startup

I'm using Oculus SDK inside Unity and whenever I try to run Unity with no headset attached it crashes. I've opened a bug report with full logs given to them and they've concluded that the problem was the oculus sdk.They send me this saying this is th...

Developer Distribution Agreement?

Hello, I have developing a game with Unity Engine for Oculus Rift S. When I use OVR Platform tools i get a error message (SS1) that tells me i have to agree developer distribution agreement but i couldn't find such a thing. Could you help me?SS1 unit...

File Directory of Oculus Quest 2

Simple question, what is the structure of the file directory in Oculus Quest 2? Or where can I find a breakdown/visualisation of a generic/factory settings Oculus Rift 2 file directory?I have a program trying to save a file to a headset and then read...

Do I get front camera raw data from quest 2?

Hello. I am developing VR application using Unity.And I want to get the front camera raw data from Quest 2. For now, I am planning to stream to the server and analyze camera data but I think It will be lot better to do that standalone.Does anyone who...

Mahod by Level 2
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Add animation to Avatar in Unity

I want to use avatars from Meta SDK as NPCs in an experience that I'm developing, using some Mixamo animations to make them look more alive. However I can't find a way to add an Animator controller to the OVRAvatarEntities.Has anyone done this?

Changing Oculus XR Plugin versions in Unity

This is just a note that starting from Unity 2021 they removed a easy/normal way to instal different versions of plugins. This means that we are "stuck" on unity verified versions only.I am yet to decide if this is for better or for the worse 

Developing on non-admin user

Can I do development on Quest 2 from Unity with non-admin account on the device?I have set Settings > System > Developer, and then turn on the USB Connection Dialog option but no confirmation dialogue appears when I connect it to the PC. Also In Unit...

Access the mesh of META AVATRS ?

Hi,In the release note of the latest META AVATRAS SDK under "WHATS NEW" they mentioned developers can access the mesh data of the avatar.Surprisingly I see that I cant access the mesh data.Does someone succeeded t do so ? ThanksMesmes

Unity OpenXR camera orientation

Hello I built a player based on OpenXR with VRTK 4 (Tilia) to target other android devices like Focus 3 or Pico Neo 3 with the same player. It works well but I am facing an issue with Quest 2, when I build, my player has a 180 degree offset on Y and ...