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how to raycast against global mesh with MR Utility Kit

I've been trying to raycast against the Quest 3 room global mesh with MRUK and my solutions keep getting more and more convoluted, can't be right.. Dug around the samples a bit and couldn't find anything, and the anchor raycast looks like it only doe...

bzor by Honored Guest
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Disable home button gesture

Greetings, I work at a technology company where we are developing an experience for the "Meta Quest 2" device in the Unity environment. In our use case, the user never needs to exit the application, since when finished he should remove the helmet and...

Phase Sync on v65

Hello, so lately, I've had to reset my oculus due to some issue, but ever since i did, the Phase Sync option hasn't been working at all, I've also tried setting it with ADB (debug.oculus.phaseSync and also tried debug,Meta.phaseSync) setting the prop...

Resolved! Direct Interactable UI Sliders and Dials?

Hello everyone!I am planning on building an application where a user can use their hands to directly interact with a button, a slider and a dial (as opposed to using the joystick and raycast to manipulate the UI element).Oculus has a template for vir...

Open a second app from my app

I have two Unity apps and I am side-loading them onto a Meta Quest 2. Does anyone know how to take the player into a second app by package name? (say on a button click).

jmonzone by Honored Guest
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MRUK Scene Navigation for All rooms

I am building a game the leverages navmesh in multiple rooms but no matter how many things I change the SDK doesn’t seems to generate more than 1 room navmesh at the same time. The Scene Navigation component is set to ALL ROOMS. I can provide any log...

Squashi11 by Honored Guest
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UNITY 6 Logging Bugs (OVR / META XR / OPEN XR)

With UNITY 6 being released last month, we've gone in and logged some critical bugs that are preventing smooth Quest development on the new engine. If you find any bugs or, especially, find solutions let us know and leave them here!------------------...

Resolved! Immutable folders in Interaction Packages

I have a lot of issues with immutable folders in the new Meta SDK packages.I tried different things to but the error keeps coming back in different projects.I first installed Meta Core SDK, I installed 4 building blocks. XR rig, passthrough, controll...

mikameel by Explorer
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Custom events for when an object is grabbed

Looking to recreate climbing. previously used xr interaction toolkit by unity and now would like to switch to handtracking with oculus toolkit. I have had a hard time understanding the grabbable script. I would like to track the velocity of the hand ...

Meta XR magnetic interactions

Hi! I'm experimenting with the Meta SDK in Unity to create magnetic interactions. For instance, you hold a cap in your right controller. When you bring it near a bottle, the cap moves towards the bottle and screws on, while still being connected to t...

XR Hands

I have tried and tried to use the XR Hand package from Unity. I have gone over tutorial after tutorial, I have looked for answers and problems and the few I have found did not apply to me.Has anyone else on here not been able to get the XR Hands to w...

Meta XR Simulator freezes on Play

If Meta XR Simulator freezes on Play and you see 999+ log entries of this:"XRStats::SetStatFloat failed. Stats queue full! Stats for this frame will be lost."then just revert the setting of the Game window to "Play focused" so the Game window is focu...

Logs.png PlayFocused.png
Dens1ty by Explorer
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OVR Body Joint ID/Index List

I've started trying to develop some body tracking systems with the Quest 3 IOBT and could't find a good list of the joint ID's and indices. For anyone in the future that's looking to save time here they are:Joint ID: Body_Root - Index: 0Joint ID: Bod...

Using Capsense in PC VR

Hello,I've been trying to set-up the hands being animated by the controller inputs, using Capsense, as shown here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-capsense/However it only works in Android Build. I can't neither test it in the ...

Virtuali by Honored Guest
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Network face tracking Meta avatars

I have working Unity app using Meta avatars. Lipsync works well - other network players see my face moving. So data is receiving correctly. But! When I introduced face tracking, it only works locally. Nobody see my facetracking except me. I'm using t...

Error when uploading my build to App Lab

I have been receiving the following error when uploading my build to Production in the Developer Hub:• APK install location should be `auto` (android:installLocation in AndroidManifest.xml). See documentation at: https://developer.oculus.com/distribu...

bananasxr by Honored Guest
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