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Update cycle infographic

Is there one of these for the all-in-one sdk?https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ExecutionOrder.htmlit would be useful for my project if I was able to just take a look at how the meta stuff fits into the schedule.thanks for any guidance

Input field not working with Interaction SDK

I'm using the brand new Interaction SDK with Meta Quest 2, but there is something that is not working at all: input field typing. Nor editor or PC build, input fields (TextMesh or legacy) are not receiving typing from my hardware keyboard. I'm using ...

Resolved! Online VR Multiplayer

I am trying to build a multiplayer (online) where people in different places can play together. I am using Netcode and I am confused whether it is just for multiplayer playing side by side or can be played online as I see there is host and joining bu...

Meta XR SDK URP shaders request

The last update makes switching to MetaXR read-only packages, is there a way to convert standard shaders to URP shaders ? Material converter from rendering settings won't update those from the package, so the controllers are pink 

Resolved! Failed to Start Face Tracking Error Message

Hello! I am developing a project in Unity that utilizes the face tracking, hand tracking, and eye tracking features of the Meta Quest pro. I have followed the tutorial on Meta's developer website here. I imported the movement SDK and enabled the nece...

Connect VR headset to remote system

Hi Team,I am working on a VR project in Unity 3D for a company. I am testing the app on editor level through oculus link. I have been asked to move my development environment to Virtual machine (Like using VMWare). It means Unity 3d engine is on a re...

Resolved! Meta Quest 2 Input System

I am trying to use the button of the left hand controller "X" to select objects on my game on Meta Quest 2 but I am not able to use the input system. How do we use the input system of Meta Quest 2?? I opened the input manager, I am confused on how to...

Query SceneManager to locate center of floor?

Hi, Firstly I am not an experienced developer but I have messed around a bit in Unity with VR in the past.I have just put together a simple mixed-reality demo that essentially gives me an RC car that I can drive around the room. I am using the SceneM...

Croccy22 by Honored Guest
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Room Model Block

I am trying to build a very basic AR game. I have added the Passthrough block and would like to test it in the simulator. My understanding is that I can use the Room Model to simulate a room. When I do that and click the play button i get the error "...

Custom Bluetooth input sensor / controller

Hi everyone, I'm developing project on Oculus Quest 2 with Hand Tracking in Unity.I need to provide additional input value from external sensor.Input value is just user's pressure on the sensor: may be float with 0.0 - 1.0 values. No movement, rotati...

Patch an APK from within a APK

Hi all,I'm new to Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and android development. So far I've been using Unity 3D to create VR applications.I am looking for a way to patch the changes in an installed APK from within the APK.So the flow which I have is this:On ap...

Resolved! Share spatial anchors example doesn't work

I'm trying to use the Share spatial anchors provided in the oculus repository:https://github.com/oculus-samples/Unity-SharedSpatialAnchors But when I start the app and enter the Share Spatial Anchors scene, it shows on the log window: "You are not au...

Shavier by Protege
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