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LoadScene crashes on Oculus Quest

Oculus QuestUnity 2019.3.0f6Oculus Android 2.38.6Calling SceneManager.LoadScene(levelName) to change scene will crash on device while it is working fine in the editor. I have tried with a full path and with the index, it always crashes. I have opened...

The user isn't signed in

When running a dev build of my app built with Unity on the GO, I get the following error through the logs after the platform is initialized:The user isn't signed in or their account state wasn't in a recoverable state.I am signed in on the device, bu...

Resolved! Possible Bug in latest Oculus Integration?

Unity 2020.3.27f1Oculus Integration 37.0Oculus Desktop App 10Using Link Cable CPU: i7-12700kRAM: 32GBGPU: Geforce GTX 1080Ti Create New ProjectFollowed all instructions on: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-c...

Unable to network meta avatars using Photon

I was able to successfully use the ApplyStreamData(bytes []) method locally to transfer body and lipsync tracking data from one avatar to another. Thererfore I thought it would be simple to repeat this process using Photon as a means to transfer the ...

olaysia by Level 5
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VR Laggy When Testing Game

Hello, I am pretty new to all of this. I recently developed a simple game in VR, but whenever I press the play button in the Unity editor to test the game, the screen in my VR headset lags uncontrollably. Is this normal? I know that my laptops specs ...

Dan1004 by Level 2
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Deadlocks on GPU - Unity Game on Quest

Recently, we have been encountering significant problems that we are struggling to resolve.Elven Assassin on Oculus Quest 1/2 stops rendering new frames during gameplay and after some time it throws players to Oculus Home. From our research, it seems...

Wenkly by Level 2
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Select monocular vision in a game

Hi! I'm new here!  I need to create a game for Oculus Quest that allows the users to preselect the eye (right or left) and turn off one display (or at least paint it black) and create the monocular vision. How can I do that in Unity? Thank you so mu...

Unity-Terrain causing stutter (d3d11)

Hey there, so I created a small isle using a Unity-Terrain object and Unity Water4Example (Advanced). Nothing to fancy, but I noticed some annoying stuttering issues most noticeable in the Terrain texture and the horizon. My frame rate was at stable ...

jomou by Level 2
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Detect Hand Tracking System gesture with OVRInput

Hi there,I'm making an app that uses Hand Tracking and I want the pause menu to appear when the user does a System Gesture with their no0n-dominant hand. In the docs it says that I should "poll Button.Start" which I have tried. This works with the to...

Leaderboard Entries Working But User IDs Are Blank

Running a project with Unity v2018.4.16f1 Windows Standalone 64-bit, using VRTK and the Oculus Integration package, Oculus Utilities v1.52.0, OVRPlugin v1.52.1, SDK v1.55.0. Also has the Oculus Desktop package in at version 1.38.4, which is necessary...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Localization in Unity

I'm in the process of setting up the different languages for our game. Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation on how to get the current language setting which is set in the Oculus app. Inside of unity, I have tried checking Application.system...

Wendall by Level 3
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Unity spatial anchor query error

I'm trying to query the spatial anchor in this way: OVRPlugin.SpatialEntityUuid[] uuidArr = new OVRPlugin.SpatialEntityUuid[numeroAncoreTovate]; for (int i = 0; i < numeroAncoreTovate; i++) { byte[] byteArray = AnchorHelpers.StringToUuid(ancoreSalvat...

WilB00X by Level 2
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Achievements are not unlocking.

I've implemented them but no-one appears on the dashboard under Platform Services > Achievements as having achieved any. Under Data Use Checkup I have User ID and User Profile approved, and I am running the build downloaded from AppLab (I noted someo...

bio998 by Level 2
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