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What is the good pc spec for VR development?

Hi, @yolan What is the good pc spec for VR development?software: UnityHardware: Oculus Quest 2 I’m considering buying GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT Gaming OC video card and I am wondering NVIDIA card is better than AMD for Unity development for VR.I have 1060 ...

Kijimu7 by Level 3
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App Spacewarp particles glitch

I followed the doc: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-asw/ and everything works well except for the Particle Systems, vid: https://imgur.com/a/NoPw0pV I just added a particle system to the sample scene, and changed the mesh to cu...

VOIP dont work ONLY on Quest2?!

How i set up a VOIP System on the right way for quest2 online Games? We build our custom one via Disonance and its works totally fine on:PC VR (exe) PC (Desktop exe) Sideloaded Quest2 APK Only at the official dev build on Release Chanel Alpha it does...

Resolved! Controllers disable immediately when put down.

As soon as I put down the controllers, they disable themselves almost instantly. How do I turn this off, or at least bump this value up to a reasonable time? This actually makes it very difficult to debug sometimes. Here is a video of the controllers...

Local Avatar showing wrong controller

Hey, I'm using the Local Avatar component in my project (for Quest 2), and when I check "start with controllers" it shows the black ones (Rift I believe) instead of the Quest 2 controllers. I can't seem to find any way to change them, the Quest 2 con...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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App keeps launching in a window on the Oculus Go

Hi all,I'm making a game for Oculus Go using Unity and everything has been working fine all week, then suddenly it started behaving very strangely.When I go Build and Run in Unity, it appears to build successfully, there are no error messages and uni...

AIEMelb by Level 2
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16 Bit Depth Buffer

Hi there !The documentation states that it would be beneficial to use a 16bit depth buffer and no stencil, but doesnt tell us how to achieve this.Does anybody know how ?I am using Unity 2019.4 with URP 7.4 & Oculus Quest 1I tried brute forcing the de...

DonCon by Level 3
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"Oculus" Option not appearing in top menu

I've gone through most or all of the setup procedure (with a few points of confusion.) But in the end, Unity is not showing any "Oculus" option in the top menu. What is the root cause of this? Trying to develop for Quest 2.

akaDJG by Level 2
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C# namespace scripting issue (noob)

I’m trying to modify the demo ‘Room’ scene.I have added a text mesh pro object and a new script to a ‘grabbable’.problem: editing OVRGrabber to include TMProor, reference the new script parametersboth result in compilation errors mentioning the ‘name...

Spatializer error with new projects

When I import Oculus Integration and then import Oculus via XR Management in a new 2020.2 project I get the following error:GUID [a57801270cf689244b48012cf9db1713] for asset 'Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus/Runtime/Android/arm64/libAudioPluginOculusSpat...

Resolved! vr_splash error (easy fix)

I did a search and have not seen anyone else post about an issue I am having so allow me to share as I surely cannot be the only one. I am getting the follow error every time I build to the Quest in Unity 2021.2.1f1. It started when I added a splash ...

XR Oculus Settings.PNG vr_splash error.PNG

Oculus Quest 2 Won't Connect To Unity

I have recently invested a few days trying to get my Oculus Working with my Unity project. I have downloaded all of the packages and made sure all action scripts were in the proper variables. I am having issues trying to get my oculus connected or de...

MrSocom by Level 2
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Resolved! 3d app running in 2d

Hi folks, I'm trying to build a basic XR app for Oculus Quest 2 with a Unity 3D project. The app gets built and runs successfully, but gets run in 2D(kind of like the Oculus Browser/Events/TV) as opposed to entering VR. This behavior is not consisten...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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