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Oculus Quest 2 Won't Connect To Unity

I have recently invested a few days trying to get my Oculus Working with my Unity project. I have downloaded all of the packages and made sure all action scripts were in the proper variables. I am having issues trying to get my oculus connected or de...

MrSocom by Level 2
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Resolved! 3d app running in 2d

Hi folks, I'm trying to build a basic XR app for Oculus Quest 2 with a Unity 3D project. The app gets built and runs successfully, but gets run in 2D(kind of like the Oculus Browser/Events/TV) as opposed to entering VR. This behavior is not consisten...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lightweight Render Pipeline Avatar Shaders

Hello,I was just wondering if there are plans to create Avatar shaders which are compatible with Unity's Lightweight Render Pipeline in the near future?Currently they render in pink as they are not compatible. We make frequent use of the LWRP VR as t...

Video player freezing on Quest 2

I have developed an app where videos(mp4) would be stored in the data path, loaded in runtime and played via Unity's Video Player. The app has been around since development in the original Quest and it runs smoothly. But recently we've experimented w...

Cannot Pair Quest 2 to PC

Greetings Friends. I am brand-new to the Quest2 and a 3+ year novice at Unity. My intention is to simply Build-and-Run an app from Unity to the Q2. I've failed at that, being stuck here: . I've tried and failed at sideload. In attempts to enable Deve...

zekev by Level 3
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VR Quest Performance 1

have been running into this same issue submitting my app to the Oculus Store:The app runs noticeably lower than 60 frames per second on supported devices. Does anyone know to change the frames per second in Unity3D to 60 FPS?RenderDoc hasn't been hel...

Resolved! Is it possible to install an APK through WiFi?

As per title.At the moment, I'm installing the APK I deploy, using Sidequest (don't know another way).But I'm worried about the continuous plugging and unplugging of the USB in the headset.It would be much better to install through WiFi.Is it even po...

PolyMad by Level 4
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Need Help

Hello Oculus,Here I wanna clarify few things, that breaking my head for long time for building apps for oculus quest and quest 2. I'm a developer playing around with unity and making VR applications. Now I wanna take this to a next level by adding Oc...

Resolved! Worse performance in Build than in Editor

I've been puzzling over this performance issue for a while now. I'm building a Oculus VR game for the Oculus Quest, everything is going great but the performance specifically in builds really tanks while it's great in the editor. I've looked around a...

WoodsInEditor.PNG WoodsInBuild.PNG

Entitlement check - what does it check?

We're trying to implement the entitlement check in a way that we can quit the app if the test fails. The game is on a beta channel and I've invited a user to this channel (not registered as a dev for the organisation).The script used (Oculus sample c...

Resolved! OVRCustomHands trigger collider

Hi everyone,using Oculus Integration and OVRCustomHand prefab, I'm trying to write a simple script that tells me which hand hitted/triggered a specific object.I tried use OnTriggerEnter() method, but the referred collider (CapsuleCollider) doesn't ha...