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DLC version control

Hi,What is the norm for DLC version control?As in, I want to be able to check if a DLC is updated and then re-download the file if applicable.I can think of two solutions, but I think both are quite crude and don't like them.1. Save the current versi...

Jepplen by Explorer
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How to disable guardian for Quest 3 applications

Hi, I have been messing around a big with creating an MR app with passthrough and the Scene API in Unity. One thing I have noticed is that even though the scene has been set up the user is still prompted to make a guardian when stepping outside the z...

six.arne by Explorer
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How to associate SKU with assetID

Hi, I'm looking in to how to handle the association for SKU to assetId.The AssetFile.GetList() objects supports assetId, but not skuand IAP.GetProductsBySKU() supports sku, but not assetId.One way would be to only send in a single SKU as argument to ...

Jepplen by Explorer
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IAP GetProductList returning null?

Hey community,So I followed a couple tutorials to make sure I was setting this up right. However, everytime I try to grab the GetProductList it seems to be a null reference "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object...

Add-onsList.png DataUseCheckup.png FullErrorLog.png IAPscreenshot1.png

Quest Only Renders Right Eye

Context: I recently upgraded to Unity (2020.3.30f1). I am using Oculus XR Plugin (1.11.2) and XR Plugin Management (4.2.1). I am using OpenGLES3 Graphics API, Multi Pass Stereo Rendering Mode, using the Default Render Pipeline. Issue: My build appear...

Having trouble with VR game design

hello guys, I'm trying to convert the Survival template pro from unity (used to make tha forest game in steam) into a VR game using steam VR (HTC vive headset.) but i'm facing lots of truoble and tha main error is that when the camera rig is set acti...

k1azoo9 by Honored Guest
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Custom Pose Load from Collection not working

Hi, I am following this tutorial when trying to load saved handposes from a collection as GameObjects (Step 4 in the "Hand Grab Pose Recorder", nothing is appearing in the editor window, does anyone has thoughts as to why this may be? Thank you!

AndyAgus by Honored Guest
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Casting No longer working

So when you go to occulus casting and online and then link the PC then you can see what you are seeing on the headset on a screen etc. This feature still works with regular apps but any and all. But any apps we make in unity doesnt cast. But this is ...

Claudzkie by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Local Meta Avatars T-posing in front of Camera

Hi so I've tried implementing networked avatars (using PUN) in a unity VR app but no matter what I try to do, my local avatar always ends up t-posing sideways without any animations in front of the main camera rig. Everything is as its supposed to be...


Open app/game store page from in-game button

I want to ask players to rate our game after certain conditions while playing, and then opening the game store page after clicking on a button. But I don't know if this is possible.I've tried the following code:Oculus.Platform.Application.LaunchOther...

JGAlonso by Honored Guest
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Resolved! shadow rendering distance?

hi! i'm working on a project and i've noticed that the distance of shadow rendering doesn't seem to be affected by changing the quality of the shadows in project settings? is there somewhere else i should change these settings? thank you!

743.jpg 744.jpg

Meta Avatar Hand Sync

How do I I sync the Meta Avatar hands to the OVR Controller Hands? I'm using the Interactions SDK and would like the avatar hands to mirror the OVR hands for grabbing and such.

M_i_c_a by Protege
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Avatar2 full body and leg animations

Hey,I am attempting to use the Oculus Avatar system, which has some level of support for the full body Avatar including legs. But I cannot find any documentation, examples, samples, or posts talking about how I am supposed to set the feet/legs. I fin...

Hand anchors stuck

Hi. I've noticed since updating to recent Oculus Integration that LeftHandAnchor and RightHandAnchor is stuck in 0,0,0 even when I can see the synthetic hands moving around in the editor. They move and snap to the accurate position once I either grab...

Right and left hand positions locked initially

Hi all, I recently upgraded to unity 2022 and also upgraded oculus integration to the latest version.Now when I use hand tracking the first 20/30 seconds the right and left anchors of the hands, in TrakingSpace, remain stationary, both in position an...


Acoustics on device with Meta Audio SDK

Has anybody gotten acoustics to work with the latest Meta Audio SDK (v56.0) on device? I've followed the configuration guide carefully and things work on Windows in the editor, but in a build on Quest 2 or Quest pro, the reverb produces a crackling s...

ronjart by Explorer
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