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iOS Audio Spatializer for Unity?

I can't find a Spatializer solution that is comparable to the Oculus Audio Spatializer package, in terms of flexibility or sound quality, that can ship on iOS via Unity. Is there any hope that Oculus might make iOS plug-ins available? Since Google Re...

Auto calibration for OCULUS QUEST 2

Hi, I am looking for an auto-calibration option in OCULUS QUEAT 2 to avoid manual calibration while going to a new location. Is there any way to set a permanent calibration perimeter when moving to different locations and also automatically calibrati...

Prototyping hand tracking with less or no coding

Is there a quick way to prototype hand tracking / hand interactions without coding or maybe a visual scripting to just make the process of implementation a bit faster? * I am developing for oculus quest and am looking at Unity, but if there is some o...

Oculus Quest doesn't work with new input system.

Hello.I am developing a game for VR platform.I'm using Unity engine 2019.4.4f1.To support various VR, we are using Unity's new input system.While binding the input action for Oculus quest, the input using the following binding is not applied.{RightHa...

OVROverlay fisheye more 180 degree support...

Dear Oculus team!We are creating a video player with OVROverlay support, unfortunately fisheye videos with a viewing angle of more than 180 degrees (200-220 degrees) are cropped by OVROverlay to 180 degrees.Could you please advise if it is in plans a...

repositories.cfg could not be loaded - Warning

Greetings y'all!Simple but annoying issue I have after configuring my Unity project for Quest dev.I'm getting this constant yellow warning at the bottom of the editor that says "File (...)\.android\repositories.cfg could not be loaded." I'm way too n...

Xainath by Level 2
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New updates didn't support VFX

When I updated my Oculus quest 2 version to the newest one. I found my project become very laggy when I directly test it in Quest. I am very sure I didn't face it in the old version and I didn't make any changes in my project. My project use some VFX...

360/3d camera content integration

Good afternoon all! New to Oculus development here, about to purchase two 360 cameras, perhaps with 3d capabilities, and wanted to inquire how well does the outputted photos and videos integrate into Unity when developing an app/game. Perhaps the ans...

How to display a uniform color ?

Hello. I'm new to VR development.I want to do something simple : display two colors in the headset at the same time, one color to the right eye and another color to the left eye. Do you know a tutorial to help me?Thanks  PS : Sorry for my english.

[help] Oculus Quest and Linear Color?

Hi! hope you're all well.When exporting my Unity URP project to the Quest and running it on the headset, the gamma is fucked up. Everything looks darker and saturated, while the Windows build and the previz through Link render as expected.The thing i...

Sensor data with highest frequency

I recently discovered, by using the new Input System, that the device reports high frequency data (got around 150 Hz in editor).This data includes deviceposition & devicerotation, but also devicevelocity, deviceangularvelocity, deviceacceleration, de...

omerpp by Level 2
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Native android apps in Unity scene

Hello everyone, I'm new to Unity, VR and 3D development.Using the command adb shell setprop debug.layout true (Show layout bounds) I noticed that standard android applications are built into the Unity 3D environment.Are there any examples or tutorial...

Minor fixes for the Oculus Integration 28

Here are a couple of issues that have been floating around for a while. It would be great to not have to apply these patches every time I upgrade the Oculus Integration. It would also be great if there was a way to do pull requests on the integration...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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