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Test Multiplayer (p2p) with a single headset

Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to test a multiplayer game that uses the oculus p2p api for its networking by running an instance on your headset and an instance on your PC with no headset. I am developing in Unity and this would speed things up ...

jibbs63 by Level 4
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Resolved! Recording sound from mic during Oculus LipSync.

I use Oculus LipSync in my application for Quest and Rift. Articulation works fine. I can record facial blendshapes with my code and then playback the recorded articulations via C# code later. Now I am trying to record the speech while Oculus asset p...

OVRCustomhands and Interaction

Hi, I'm trying to make interactions for objects / UI.It's pretty simple when using OVRHands and InteractableToolSDKDriver, but when using the OVRCustomHands, there doesnt seem to be anything..Does anyone know how to add that functionality to OVRCusto...

Resolved! Using OVRInputModule with 2 controllers.

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to use the OVRInputModule in my game with 2 controllers. I want to have 2 laser beam that comes out of each controller, very similar to how the UI works in the dashboard. However, I can only get one laser to move ...

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Wrench / Car Mechanic inspired simulator

Hello all, I'm a Quest user keen on Hyperdash, Pop One and Blaston. My company is looking for a UK based VR developer to work with on a project. We would like to build something akin to Wrench and Car Mechanic but for a different purpose. I know Wren...

Play in Editor no device rotation

Hi, I am just getting my new PC setup and I am trying to get the play in editor feature to work so that I can just hit the play button and run the game. I have the quest 2 hooked up through a link cable and I can get the game to run on it when I pres...

jibbs63 by Level 4
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Unity Build Won't Build Onto Headset

So, I created a test scene to test controller presence and functionality following a guide I found online. The only problem is, whenever I hit "Build and Run", it doesn't build it onto my headset. I found this out when nothing was working and I tried...

Resolved! Cloud Storage V2: How do i use it in Unity?

HiI want to use Cloud Storage 2 for my Oculus Quest 2 Unity game. I have read https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/ps-cloud-storage/?locale=en_GB but I can't figure out how to use Platform.CloudStorage2.GetUserDirectoryPath() I want to ge...

DllNotFoundException: libovravatar

I keep getting 'DllNotFoundException: libovravatar' this error.In Update() calling this 'IntPtr message = CAPI.ovrAvatarMessage_Pop();'.I haven't made any changes to this file and just imported the Oculus Integration package from the asset manager.

Fallback for Oculus SDK requests

Hi all! So I've been implementing the Oculus SDK authentication code into my PC VR game, but it seems that when the Oculus PC client is inactive and needs to start together with the game, Users.GetLoggedInUser() does complete but Users.GetUserProof()...

Build Won't Load

So I'm trying to test out my Unity stuff with my Quest (I just started) and all I had was a flat plane as a test. However, when I press the Build and Run button, it builds it and runs it on my Quest, but I get stuck on a rapidly flashing Unity logo w...

See each other hand in multiplayer scene

Hello, I am doing a multiplayer VR game using the Oculus hand tracking system. I face a problem that the players could only see their own hands because only one OVRcameraRig allowed being activated at each player's scene. If I active two OVRcamera in...

Oculus Unity Integration - v1.41 (10/03/19)

Version 1.41 of our integration for Unity has been released!The Oculus Integration for Unity package adds scripts, prefabs, samples, and other resources to supplement Unity’s built-in support. The package includes an interface for controlling VR came...

Resolved! oculus spatializer sound plays twice bug

Hello,Sometimes when firing a weapon, it sounds like the sound is playing twice. the map in the video below has no onsp geometry, though the glitch also happens sometime with geometry defined. this bug is also kinda rare, and only happens sometimes.h...