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Hand tracking outdoors

Hi guys,We are currently experiencing an issue with hand tracking in our app when using the Quest Pro outdoors.The symptoms: The hand tracking seems to get into some state where it is unusable - the hand related pointers inside the app are flickering...


OVR LipSync Open Source

Meta created a great lip sync tool with OVR LipSync. Looking at how Meta is slowly becoming the Open Source leader, I was wondering if they would ever make this plugin Open Source and let the community develop it further. It seems stuck in limbo. Saw...

TH19k by Explorer
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How to get rid of "requires internet"

My app does not start without being connected to the internet. It forces the user to connect to a WLAN and in the "App library" it says "requires internet".In Unity I have configured the internet access "Auto" under Player > Android settings > Other ...

josros by Explorer
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Modeling NPCs using Meta Avatar SDK

According to the Meta Avatar SDK documentation:"We encourage using avatars as NPCs as a way to help virtual worlds feel more alive in single and multiplayer experiences. Consider using the SDK-provided presets as a diverse set of characters for this ...

Resolved! Cant open system keyboard on Quest 2

I can't seem to open the system keyboard on Quest 2. I open it like this: keyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("Hello", TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default); keyboard.active = true; TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput = false; TouchScreenKeyboard.Android.consum...

IAP Implementation for Durable Items

Hi,I want to implement Meta Quest IAP workflow with following steps.1.User will purchase the IAP durable item2.Durable item is Asset bundle of a scene as in different levels3.Once purchase is completed i want to start downloading Assets Bundles attac...

Resolved! TransformRecognizerActiveState is never activating

I haven't been able to get a Transform Recognizer Active State to register as active. I have no issues with Shape Recognizer Active State. Are there any additional steps that are required in order to get a TransformRecognizerActiveState to work? I ha...


Passthrough on Quest 3 in tethered (Rift) Mode

I want to plug my Quest 3 into my desktop with a wire to use my graphic card and I also ant to use the Quest 3 passthrough. Is this possible?My application in Unity will be a simple art gallery showing the real world as well. I need the tethered aspe...

SamuelAB by Honored Guest
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Licensing for Sample Objects

Hi! I'm doing my first steps in Unity to develop my own VR / AR content. I really like the sample scenes of the Interaction SDK package. Regarding the objects in the scene (e.g. the slingshot): Can I use those objects for my own app or will I get any...

jaaaaaaan by Honored Guest
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Invisible Plan Prefab

I am building a MR scene. When i run the scene I see blue boxes and origin axis. How can I hide them I have seen in other tutorials that you can change the default planmesh with an invisibleplane mesh however that was for v57. For v60 i can't find th...


Virtual Keyboard initial position not working

Hi, thanks for help, I got a problem making a login, I'm using the virtual keyboard, so there's an option where you can change the position, if you need it near or far, I'm using the near option, i did read the documentation, but i just can't make it...

LelMats_0-1715208984196.png 946cd6ed-6580-4ff3-87ce-d5d154e630ee.jpg LelMats_1-1715209085584.png
LelMats by Honored Guest
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Can't Share Spatial Anchors

We're working on a local multiplayer game for Quest 2/3 and have been working fairly successfully with Shared Spatial Anchors for the past few months.We've just swapped over to the new Meta All In One SDK and now can no longer Share spatial anchors w...

Unity VR UI canvas popup

How can I open a UI canvas panel when an object is clicked by VR controller in Unity VR? I want to implement this functionality where clicking on an object in a Unity VR environment triggers the opening of a UI panel. How can I achieve this? If you h...

Legs Tracking using Meta movement sdk

Hello, I'm looking for help on improving leg tracking accuracy in my VR setup with Meta Quest 3. Despite thorough adjustments and updates, movements like lifting legs are still lacking precision. If anyone has experience with refining leg tracking, y...

Change Meta avatar transparency

Hello, I want to make a remote Meta Avatar fade in and out. I can't find a way to make the avatar transparent. I can't find a way to access the mesh render and change the alpha channel. It must be possible as in the documentation they put best practi...

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 16.33.04.png
Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cannot disable virtual keyboard

I cannot disable virtual keyboard, even I disable require system keyboard, disabling tracked keyboard supported, disabling virtual keyboard support. even editing in android manifest and set all keyboard support required to false. after I build it, my...