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Haptics SDK for Unity not working

I'm trying out the new Haptics SDK for UnityI want to test it by playing a single haptic, but when I use this script I get an error with no haptics (testing in Unity editor 2022.2.13, with Air Link to a Quest 2)Script:public class OculusHapticClipTes...

Help with Manifest

Error: "Application allows backup of private data" Changed the manifest to use allowBackup as false yet it still does not work!code:

PhaseWarp by Honored Guest
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Collision of Grabbable Objects

When I grab an object using OVR hands it does not collide anymore with any other collider, however when I release it, it collides. I want to know if I can make that object collide with other objects while being grabbed. For example, I want to grab a ...

Remote Controller not Support in the new SDK?

Hi. Is the Remote controller no longer supported in new Unity SDK?When I update to SDK Version49 from Version29 in my project,I found the Remote controller doesn't work any more by the following method:OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.RawButton.Any, OVRInpu...

zkpang207 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! OVRManager.display returning null

Problem: I'm trying to set my Quest 2 headset to 120hz, Calling OVRManager.display returns nullDetails:I imported the Oculus Integration Plugin then wrote the below code, but when I build and deploy to the headset I get a null reference exception bec...

upload_2023-3-8_14-7-56.png upload_2023-3-8_14-13-45.png
DTNA_VR by Explorer
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VoiceMod in Quest 2

I have questions about using VoiceMod for the current Oculus Integration V50. I'm using Quest 2 and after downloading the Unity Package from the Unity Assets Store, I couldn't see the VoiceMod package included in the current release. The last version...

jesus_vbw by Honored Guest
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Sync Meta Avatar with Hand controller

Hello, I am using the OVR Player controller with OVR Hands, tracked by the device controller, not by the hand tracking system.As next step, I add the new meta avatar below the OVR Player controller (exactly below the TrackingSpace transform), keeping...

Autodriver introduces offset during playback

Hello there fellas. We have a problem. We use autodriver for E2E testing. In our old codebase everything worked fine (Unity 2018.3.4 + VRTK) in our new we see an offset between recording and playing back .autodriver files which renders autodriver use...

How should SharedSpatialAnchor example work?

Now, I'm trying shared spatial anchor but I can't get how example should work.I created 2 account and signed in with each account on different devices.I build example and deploy to each devices. Then, I run example on each devices and create room on ...

omanuke by Honored Guest
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Ray Examples broken in SDK v50

I recently updated my project to v50 Integration and suddenly my Ray functionalities became broken. I removed all assets from my scene thinking it was something that I had broken until I thought to try the Ray Examples scene from Interaction SDK whic...