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Video freezes on first frame

Hi thereI'm develop a simple player for 360 video in Unity 2019.4.3, using last version of AVPro plugin/exoplayer on Oculus QuestAnd sometimes my files are freezing on first frame, sometimes notVideos in H256 codec 5760x2880 35mbps 30 minutes long wi...


Does anybody know if it is possible to get the dominant hand from the XR plugin, instead of the oculus integration?

etk82 by Level 2
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GearVR with multiview

Hi, I am using the 1.1.5 oculus xr plugin for gearvr support. The problem is that when switching to multiview, I have an empty scene, no skybox and objects. Although the profiler shows that it continues to draw and see objects.also 2019.4.12f1 unity ...

Hobodi by Level 2
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Missing app icon in android smartphone

I noticed that the app icons do not appear on the smartphone screen, after updating unity3d to 19.2.17 and Oculus to 1.18.0. They are hidden somewhere deep in the GearVR Service. How do I move them to the home screen?

HDRP Unity only render one eye

Hi guys,I am having a problem bothering me for weeks. I have been using Unity 2019.4 hdrp to build a scene for my research. I'm using Oculus Quest via Link. However, everytime I try to build the game, it always ended up with only render the left eye ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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libOculusXRPlugin.so not being loaded

When I try building an unity app (eg: HandsInteractionTrainScene in the SampleFramework that comes with the unity integration) for the quest, when the app launches, I get black screen. In the adb logcat I see the following error:09-29 12:40:51.061 14...

Guardian system

Is it possible to change guardian system mode at runtime ?If not , I have a problem with my game sometimes the guardian system changes to seated\stationary mode and I don't know why.

Situation of Cross-platform development

Hi, I am working on Oculus Quest VR development.I found this document:unity-ovroverlayit said:Overlays OVROverlayInformation about adding an overlay using OVROverlay is described in the VR Compositor Layers guide. At this time, only Quad world-locked...

Oculus Avatar lip sync Issue with photon voice

Hi All, We are developing a multiplayer application with Oculus avatar system and photon voice chat.When we enable photon voice chat, Oculus avatar lip sync is not working. But Lip sync is working when we disable Photon voice feature.Please Help us t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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