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Incorrect player height

I have two questions about the player height:1. I have set my height (190cm) from the Oculus Configuration Utility and usually in Unity demos it shows a height of 1.797. That is the eye height? So 190cm minus ~10cm? Is the height from OCU being used ...

Ananas by Level 3
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Grabbing objects

Hi,I try to use the hand tracking for Quest.I use the HandTest_Custom scene in the VR/Scenes from Oculus Integration 19.1It works well for detection of hands.I try to grab a cube with OVRGrabber and OVR Grabbable but it doesn't work.Here are screens ...

Hevok by Level 2
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Oculus Quest Keyboard in Unity App

Hi,Is it somehow possible to use the Oculus Quest VR Keyboard in an Unity app for input?Then we could avoid to develop a custom one and the user get the same experience as in the Oculus UI.Thanks

App Crashing

Hi! Im trying to load a DLL in runtime in the Oculus Quest, but when I try that the app will crash. (In pc it works)here is the errors that Im getting from Logcat:

Testing an Android build on Rift

Hello!I'm developing for Oculus Go and using Oculus Rift for quick testing on PC. But when I moved to unity 2020.1.3 with its XR Plug-in management I can't do it anymore. I have to connect Oculus Go headset (which I don't have now) instead of just pu...

merlush by Level 2
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I'm using OVRCameraRig but it builds like a screen

Hello! Help me!version:2019.4.9f1Even if OVRCameraRig is added to the scene and built, the image cannot be seen 360 degrees and the image appears like a screen.No error occurs, you can look around 360 degrees as usual when you build by simply placing...

simuwo by Level 2
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Rare Crashes

As our product matures my team and I are starting to work toward stabilizing it. It had some issues that we cleared out. But there are some issues that are hard to track.We are using Unity with Oculus Integrations. The application is relatively stabl...

Detecting Oculus GO controller in Unity

Hello Oculus Forum, I cannot seem to detect my Oculus Go controller from any of the default example scenes. I know of Oculus's plans to "sunset the Go" by the end of this year and it seems to be slowly phased out of the integration package. However i...

Bug with Low Overhead Mode

For about two months our Quest users have been reporting rare "blue blobs" appearing over their screen. An example image is below, where the blobs are fixed size squares that move with the user's head. We determined it was related to a mid-frame z-bu...

How to trigger Oculus dash from unity script?

Hi there, I am preparing my app for publishing to the Oculus GO store. There is a requirement that says "The app must open Oculus Dash if the user long-presses the back button."How can I trigger dash? I searched through oculus documentation with no l...

Sending network commands to the Oculus Go

I want to use a raspberry pi as a server and send simple commands to several Oculus Go's. I have experience with API's so ideally I would like to send some HTTP requests to these Oculus Go's but I don't know if it's possible to have some sort of http...

FUTC by Level 2
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Oculus Quest Smartwatch data gather

Hello everyone, Can't find any information about Oculus Quest and smartwatch integration.I need to collect heart rate from smartwatch, and make some changes inside my Quest App based on user's heart rate.Is it possible to connect them directly, or vi...

HCSNN by Level 2
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Cannot interact with UI components

I'm trying to implement UI using a LaserPointer and some Unity UI components (Dropdowns and Sliders).I've got the scene set up with an OVRCameraRig and the OVRInputModule replacing StandaloneInput on the EventSystem.I've added OVRPhysicsRaycaster to ...

Change Avatar appearance at runtime

Is there any possible way to change the avatar's appearance on runtime with only changing the avatars ID. My application has to change constantly one avatar's look depending on the user and re-instantiating it is really heavy on the performance

juanphm by Level 4
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Independent Camera Pose Control

Hi there! I have a rather nuanced question and I hope there is an easy answer! I was wondering if there is a way to independently control the left and right eye camera poses? And if so. From where? I have the newest Oculus SDK and Unity Plugin (1.31 ...

Back button not working on quest

I am unable to read the back button on the quest controllers. All other buttons work fine. I have tried the following:OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Button.Back)OVRInput.GetUp(OVRInput.Button.Back)OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.Back)all return false. I have...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Visual corruption

We have a rare bug. It happens maybe once per 40 hours of testing randomly throughout the game. When it happens, the screen stops rendering correctly and can persist even between runs. It appears to be rendering only some random tiles of the image wh...

pause when dash opens

Hello i built my game in unity and everything works but now when i add dash support the game won't pause. I read something about setting oculus focus aware to true but how would i do that or where would i do that if that is the solution? I just need ...

Timeout error on network requests.

When i'm building my app with the Development build enabled in Unity build settings, the game does timeout on every network calls. (No problem if the build is not in development build) and on a PC build, it cut internet connection of my computer when...

OVR Overlay Equirect - Quest Only?

Hey All,Is the OVR Overlay Equirect shape only available on the Oculus Quest? Asking because it currently doesn't work in editor on our PC and the Rift docs don't mention it, but the quest docs do. If it's not available on PC, is there a reason and w...