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Passthrough with XR Toolkit

I want to create a quest application with XR Toolkit and OVR Passthrough.I think I setup the project correctly, the oculus example works fine and also I can put the OVRRig inside my scene. But if I use a XRRig instead of an OVR Camera rig, the scene ...

Unity Eye Tracking API

Hi, I'm building an app that uses the user's gaze for interaction. The interface is a heads up display and is always static - it does not move when the head moves. I use the Unity eye tracking API to get an eye pose and then call pose.ToHeadSpacePose...

controllers not moving

Hello, My controllers stopped working when entering game mode. They work fine on the hub and the device is connected properly to my PC with the link cable. I'm working on Unity and can edit without issues, when I enter game mode, I can see and move m...

Entitlement check

Hello, Is there anyone out there who can walk me through setting up the entitlement check in Unity for my applab game. I have the OVR entitlement script, but can't seem to make it work.

App apk (unity) freezes every 5 seconds

Hello, We have made a Unity application that we have incorporated into a Meta Quest 2. We have already implemented it on other headsets, and the application worked very well. Except that since a few days, the application freezes every 5 seconds. The ...

FMEVR by Honored Guest
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Objects with multiple materials flicker

There is a strange bug where objects with multiple materials cause textures to Flicker. This only happens on the Oculus Quest 1 & 2, and only with objects with multiple materials. Object with one material work fine. When I ran same app with the Unity...

screen_scene.jpg overall.jpg

Building a hybrid app on meta quest 2

Hey guys, I'm working on a project using unity. The project is like a game center where you can select from and play all kinds of games. Is there any way to keep the game selection interface displaying on the Oculus TV and switch to VR mode when the ...

Freddiewu by Honored Guest
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UI + Touch with Controllers

Hi All,I've gone through all the posts, and am trying to figure out if there is a built in pointer class similar to OVRGazePointer.I am able to get gaze pointer to work. I am also able to move OVRGazePointer references to a RHand controller, and use ...

How to fix flickering hands?

Hello fellow VRers,I started a new project with the Oculus Interaction SDK in Unity. Haven't really done much yet. Any ideas why my hands are flickering?Here's the video and reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity_XR_Developers/comments/11z...

Default Avatar

Hi!Can anyone help?I am creating application with choose avatars.How i can set defaut grey avatar on start? And return default grey avatar after change it?

Multiplayer Photon PUN. Communicate to everyone.

Hello,I've a question about Photon PUN 2. Is it possible to communicate to everyone who's connected to the PUN server ?Because, in my case I've a waiting room, it's a lobby. I've an "admin" who can send everyone who's connected to the lobby to differ...

Mikrofus by Honored Guest
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OVRScene issues

We're developing several demos using a combination of The World Beyond sample and OVRSpatial Anchors. We've continually had a problem where the OVRScene will disappear or shift it's position. We can't pinpoint the cause of this, but it might be relat...

Oculus Lipsync on Hololens

Is there a way to make Oculus Lipsync work on Hololens? When I build the demo project to Hololens I get the error: (DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'OVRLipSync': The specified module could not be found.). Is there any way to get around this?

Cannot update metadata.

App metadata got approved, however reviewer says I need to change app metadata which is impossible as it says "This metadata has already been approved and cannot be modified." Appears to be no solution online.

Can't turn off Install & Run APK

It won't let me turn off Install & Run APK because I have no Headset plugged in, I tried everything. It wouldn't work. Oculus if you are reading this, please make it so people who don't have a headset plugged in turn it off. If you guys have solution...

Hide OVRScene object guardian outlines

I have an AR app where users interact with surfaces, but annoying outlines of OVRSceneAnchor objects are getting in the way. I don't want to have to ask users to enable developer mode and disable their guardians. Is there some way I can turn these gu...

jtriveri by Adventurer
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Oculus Rift S tracking with OptiTrack in Unity

I'm trying to track a Rift S headset using an OptiTrack system. The setup described here goes as expected (using passive markers, not the clip). The issue arises when starting a scene in Unity. The HMD is tracked properly but it is offset compared to...